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Malaysian Airliner.....Botched Putin Assassination Attempt?

By The Reverend Published: August 10, 2014


Have you noticed how the Malaysian airliner tragedy has been lost in the daily short-attention-span news cycle? There's a reason why that is the case....

U.S. intelligence analysts are weighing the possibility that the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was a botched attempt by extremists in the Ukrainian government to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin whose aircraft was returning from South America the same day, according to a source briefed on the U.S. investigation.

Far fetched? Alex Jones-style nonsense?

Putin flies in a plane with similar red, white and blue markings as the Malaysian airliner and was known to be on his way home after a six-day visit to South America. But his plane took a different route and landed safely in Moscow.

After the crash, as U.S. intelligence analysts pored over phone intercepts and other intelligence data, they began to suspect that the motive for the shoot-down was the desire among some Ukrainian extremists to eliminate Putin whom they had been privately vowing to kill – words initially viewed as empty bluster but which were looked at differently in hindsight – the source said.

But what about what Obama and Kerry told Americans? Weren't we told in no uncertain terms that Putin brazenly sent BUK missile systems into eastern Ukraine and that either Russian-trained "rebels" or Russians, themselves, shot down the commercial airliner? Isn't that what we've been told? And hasn't Obama, using that storyline, successfully convinced European allies to go along with harsher sanctions against Putin's Russia as a result?

So, what gives?.....

...U.S. analysts dismissed those original suspicions because they could find no evidence that such a missile battery had been supplied by the Russians or was in the possession of the rebels, prompting a shift in thinking toward a scenario in which Ukrainian hardliners working with elements of the air force may have tried to ambush Putin’s plane but instead hit the Malaysian airliner, said the source speaking on condition of anonymity.

One might think that would be, you know, "breaking news", somewhere....but alas, no.

According to Robert Parry's source.....another line of inquiry still being pursued is that the Ukrainian military brought down the passenger plane simply to create a provocation that could be turned against the rebels and Russia.

That "line of inquiry" is what I thought from the beginning was the most likely scenario.

The thought that the official Ukrainian military would dare to assassinate Vlad Putin or slaughter 298 passengers in order to "create a provocation that could be turned against the rebels and Russia"......might seem wild-eyed. But that can be attributed to the fact that the truth of the "coup" staged in Kiev back in February has been kept from U.S. "news" consumers.

...the new Ukrainian government, which gave the neo-Nazis several ministries in appreciation for their key role in the coup, began calling the ethnic Russian resistance “terrorists.” New National Guard units, formed from neo-Nazi militias, were dispatched to intimidate ethnic Russians in the southern city of Odessa, where scores were killed when a pro-Kiev mob set a trade union building ablaze.

That is the caliber of our "partners" in Kiev. I recommend that readers Google 'Odessa trade union fire'...and follow where it leads. It's as ugly a story as you can imagine.

Also.....if you have an interest in this story....Google....'pictures of cockpit door from downed Malaysian airliner'......and see for yourself what appears to be large bullet holes precisely where the pilot of the Malaysian airliner sat.

I had heard a quick blurb this week on the radio announcing that the top security official in Ukraine had resigned. Robert Parry explains....

Another curious development was the sudden resignation on Thursday of Andriy Parubiy as chief of Ukraine’s national security. A longtime neo-Nazi leader, Parubiy had organized and directed the paramilitary forces that spearheaded the putsch on Feb. 22 forcing Yanukovych and his government officials to flee for their lives.

Parubiy refused to explain his reason for quitting but some analysts believe it may have a connection to the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down, the source said. The U.S. intelligence analysts specifically said their evidence does not implicate Ukraine’s current President Petro Poroshenko or Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, but they did not extend that clearance to the more extreme elements of the government, the source said.

Do read all of Parry's article. Parry is a veteran reporter....old school. He cut his teeth on the Iran-Contra scandal.....another scandalous executive branch crime, the truth of which was kept away from American news consumers and muddied in the same way that the truth about Ukraine...or the truth about Iraqi WMD.....was muddied and twisted.

When Junior Bush and his gremlins pushed for attacking Iraq in 2002, I felt like I was living in a surreal dream. I knew then that there was absolutely no good reason to invade Iraq....and that the Bushies were lying through their teeth.

I feel the same way today about Ukraine. Our elected leaders, our "protectors" are lying to us about what has happened in Ukraine. The United States is, and has been, the aggressor in the Ukrainian unrest. We're flexing our Regime muscles at Putin's back door....and just like with Saddam....blaming Putin and Putin's Russia for everything that has gone wrong in Ukraine after we led "regime change" there.

Unlike Saddam's Iraq however, Putin's Russia DOES have nuclear weapons. What is totally amazing to me is that U.S. leaders, while propagandizing and lying to it's own citizenry about regime change in Ukraine, while lying about the Malaysian airliner,......are playing with nuclear fire.

No wonder they won't tell us the truth.



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