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Massive Bi-Polar Vortex Descends On D.C.

By The Reverend Published: January 22, 2014

March, 2013, NY Times reporting on RNC Chair Reince Priebus' GOP "autopsy" results...

It talks about “developing a forward-leaning vision for voting Republican that appeals to women,” without ever using the words “abortion” or “birth control” or even hinting that the party’s policies on these issues have repelled women by the millions.

Following the Tea Party 2010 midterm takeover of the U.S. House and numerous state governments.....the GOP passed 205 separate abortion restrictions from 2011-2013. That was more abortion restrictions passed in three years than had been passed in the previous ten years.

Nearly half of the laws - 45 percent - fell into three categories: targeted regulations of abortion providers, bans on abortions after 20 weeks and restrictions on medical abortions.

Ohio was one of those states where majority Republicans passed new restrictive laws to limit a woman's right to an abortion.

How does a person reconcile those two things? In it's own autopsy report, the GOP declared that the party's messengers must quit alienating women voters. And yet, elected Republicans worked feverishly, perhaps conspiratorially, from 2011-2013, to limit the legal rights of...women.

Doesn't that seem like some type of bi-polar-style behavior to you? A political mood swing that reaches extreme lows while passing 205 separate abortion restrictions....and then swinging to an opposite extreme mood where Republicans must be extra-careful to not offend women with the campaign words they use. Words like, you know, "abortion" or "rape."

Whatever the term is which best describes this odd GOP behavior, political meteorologists are warning of a huge bi-polar vortex descending over this week's Republican National Committee meeting in Washington D.C.

While more-establishment type Republicans are hoping to curb GOP candidate enthusiasm for spouting anti-women rhetoric in this year's midterm campaigns for fear of further alienating yet another voter demographic.....the other voices in the GOP "brain" are arguing with.....well...themselves....

A faction of conservatives will introduce a resolution at this week's meeting of the Republican National Committee urging GOP candidates to speak up about abortion and respond forcefully against Democratic efforts to paint them as anti-woman extremists.

Republicans pass 205 laws in just three years to restrict a woman's right to choose and now party diehards want to pass a resolution encouraging 2014 GOP candidates to speak up against DEMOCRATS who dare to explain to women how Republicans have worked so hard to pass laws limiting their legal rights. Stuff like that usually is cause for writing a lithium or adderall prescription.

"The Republican National Committee urges all Republican pro-life candidates, consultants, and other national Republican Political Action Committees to reject a strategy of silence on the abortion issue when candidates are attacked with 'war on women' rhetoric," the resolution reads.

"Not talking about it has not worked well for us," (Delaware National Committeewoman Ellen) Barrosse told CNN in an interview. "Not responding has not worked well for us. It's a conversation the party has to have."

My I'm starting to hear the echoes from the numerous voices in the GOP "head."

What to make of this? Some political spin-doctors would suggest that the patient here is suffering from early-stage schitzophrenia....and should be isolated from the electorate until the symptoms clear up. I concur. But, as usual, there's more here than meets the eye.

I do not believe for one second that the Republican Party will ever change their POLICY POSITIONS pertaining to a woman's right to choose. Why? Without the anti-abortion, anti-choice voters, Republican candidates would have difficulty winning any elections.

So, just like with Republican POLICIES which always favor the richest 1% of the population, the GOP's solution, according to the Priebus autopsy report, is to camouflage their anti-choice POLICIES through slick and more-disciplined "messaging" strategies.....and candidate seminars to learn how to talk less abrasively around females.

While at the same time GOP party leaders will vote on a resolution today which encourages their candidates to boldly speak out against a woman's legal right to choose.....and then..... blame Democrats for waging a "war on women."

I'm thinking that the 205 new laws which restrict a woman's legal right to choose "speak" for themselves. But, then, I'm not suffering from multiple-personality disorders.



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