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By The Reverend Published: September 9, 2008

Here are 20 seconds of Mr. In-Touch Economic Reformer....

Mr. In-Touch Economic Reformer is saying to his audience that Americans won't work for $2000 per week. "You just won't do it, my friends." He's really up to speed on the plight of America's workforce.

See...Mr. In-Touch knows exactly what Americans earn and so he relates well when discussing wages and so forth. McCain knows that all Americans have jobs that pay over $100K per year. Proof positive, I think, that McCain really CAN relate to the average working man or woman. Mr. In-Touch.

If you're impressed by how much Mr. In-Touch relates with the average American working family's wage....just wait....he's also Mr. Economic Reformer....because as he puts it....he's an expert on economic matters...

“The issue of economics is something that I’ve really never understood as well as I should.” (Boston Globe, 12/18/07)

Self-confessed expert.

Some might want to quibble here and say that never understanding economic matters would be a negative for a would-be economic reformer. Perhaps if the GOP nominee were someone else other than John McCain, never understanding the economy very well might be a negative for a would-be economic reformer. John McCain is a Maverick. Maverick's operate differently, transcendently.

Mavericks break the mold, think outside the box, eschew party lines.

Like this...

MR. RUSSERT: But you voted the third time for the tax cuts, but there weren’t spending cuts.

SEN. McCAIN: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. No, but I thought that we ought to keep the tax cuts permanent because if we had increased taxes, which that would have had the effect of, if I had voted in the other way. Link

This guy is a Maverick Economic Reformer. Not often do you hear such maverick words about such a maverick action of voting along with your party on more tax cuts for the wealthy. His maverick words of explanation were....I don't beyond human comprehension. That's how we can tell John McCain is a Maverick....unlike any other maverick, ever.

Critics suggest that John McCain is not really a change agent when it comes to economic matters, McCain's field of expertise. These critics say that Mr. Maverick only represents more of the same failed economic policies Americans have experienced over the last 8 years. These critics just don't know the Maverick. Maverick McCain demolishes his critics in one sentence on one of his many Maverick websites....

"McCain will make the Bush income and investment tax cuts permanent, keeping income tax rates at their current level." Link

This must be the "change" we've been hearing so much about from the Maverick Republican recently. Change America can believe in. We can believe it, even though on the surface it appears like it's more of the same, because the GOP candidate is no ordinary, run of the mill, candidate. How so?

He is John McCain....John McCain.

In-Touch, Maverick, Economic Reformer and his sidekick, the Seasoned and Deeply Experienced Executive, Mother Maverick Reformer.

It's all so stupendously amazing when seen in the proper light, I don't know why I didn't see it before.



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