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Max Baucus.....Case Study In Government Rot

By The Reverend Published: April 24, 2013

This blogger is very pleased to learn that Max Baucus, alleged Democratic senator from Montana will not seek another term. Baucus was the guy who spearheaded Obama's healthcare reform from the Senate side, making sure that insurers and big pharma profited handsomely from the neo-liberal legislation lovingly known as Obamacare.

But it's extra-special when the very person at the central interchange hub where Obamacare was constructed announces his retirement from the Senate after some 35 years and then goes on to call the law that he supervised to completion a "train wreck."

I'll be glad to see Baucus gone and don't really care if a GOP yahoo replaces him. I don't necessarily expect Democratic Senators to be in lockstep like Republicans usually are.....but I do expect Democratic Senators to be Democrats. I know,....that's expecting quite a lot...

My biggest problem with Congress, and the Senate in particular, is how the members are owned by the country's oligarchs. The only thing bipartisan in the Senate, other than permanent war, is the body's faithfulness to special corporate interests. Senators like Baucus don't hold powerful Chairmanships, like the Finance Committee Chair Max holds, because they favor a democracy where senators carry out the will of the people.

Which leads me to the vote cast by Max Baucus on the Toomey-Manchin amendment to expand background checks for gun purchases at gun shows and online.

When asked why he voted against background checks for online and gun show purchases ....Baucus uttered one word...."Montana." But, you see, when Baucus gave that one word answer...."Montana"....he wasn't referring to the citizens of Montana. Don't be silly. Senators like Baucus aren't elected to see to it that the will of the people is carried out.

A Montana poll on gun background checks for all gun purchases was released March 5, 2013. Seventy-nine percent of Montanans were in favor of background checks for all gun purchases, including at gun shows and online. That's 79% in favor. So, when Max Baucus uttered a dismissive one word answer...."Montana".....when asked why he voted no on background checks....the senator blamed it on the state population he was elected to represent. Unless of course....for Baucus...."Montana" equals 'gun businesses in the state of Montana.' And wouldn't you know it, the state of Montana "has more gun businesses per capita than any other state."

Here's Tim Murphy of Mother Jones filling in the blanks....

The background checks vote is just one of many reasons why liberals won't miss Baucus, the Senate Finance Committee chairman whose office came to embody the term "revolving door." Twenty-eight (28!) former Baucus staffers are currently employed as tax lobbyists. The senior counsel who drafted the health care legislation that would become the Affordable Care Act came back to Baucus' offices after several years at the health care giant Wellpoint.

Max Baucus represents all that's gone wrong with America's alleged democracy 'of the people' during our New Gilded Age. Just imagine.....28 current tax lobbyists were groomed in the offices of Senator Montana. Washington has devolved into an ugly and incestuous sport of bribery, access and careerism. Senator Max Baucus is a case study of the rot.

Glad he'll be gone.



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