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McCain: Palin As VP.... "A Cold Political Calculation"

By The Reverend Published: October 19, 2008

John McCain with Sarah Palin in front of the "Country First" campaign theme

The question: "Hasn't Governor Palin become a drag on your ticket?"

McCain answers: "As a cold political calculation, I could not be more pleased."

Isn't that the problem? Isn't the fact that Palin was a "cold political calculation" instead of being the best candidate to lead the nation as president the very reason why independents and moderates have broken towards Obama? Conservatives the likes of George Will and Kathleen Parker call Palin unqualified to lead the nation, evidence of an act of poor judgment by McCain in his first call as an executive. When McCain says he couldn't be "more pleased" with his "cold political calculation", isn't he saying that he couldn't be more pleased with his own poor judgment?

Or is McCain saying that without someone or something to excite the far right, anti-science voter group, say, like Palin, his upcoming loss to Obama would be that much worse?

Consider: McCain's campaign theme is "Country First." With McCain admitting that his choice of Sarah Palin was "a cold political calculation", isn't he saying that in his first action as a possible 72 year old U.S. president (America's oldest ever), his own political interests came first and not the country's? Even if the country is not pleased with Palin, McCain couldn't be more pleased.

I'm having a hard time concocting "Country First" out of this McCain confession.

Could it be that Maverick-Man, John McCain, the Straight Talk Express Bus Driving Senator from Arizona, really doesn't put "Country First?" Could that be it?

One more thing....

"She (Palin) is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America", McCain said.

If, by "liberal feminist agenda", McCain means the effort by some women to fight for a woman's right to their own private choices in life instead of submitting to arbitrary rules set by men......and efforts by these same women to fight for equal pay with men for, you know, equal work.....then a women's rights denying, fighter against equal pay would certainly be a "counterpoint". Can't argue with that.

I do wonder, however, what portion of America's women actually would rather have men determine what reproductive rights they should have, what privacy rights they should have and how much money they should make in relationship to their male counterparts. Whattya' think?

Think McCain's "counterpoint" is the majority position of America's women?

I don't.



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