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McCain's Basic Problem

By The Reverend Published: June 14, 2008

Glennzilla makes it simple to follow....

Johnny Mac, June 3, 2008...

"You will hear from my opponent's campaign in every speech, every interview, every press release that I'm running for President Bush's third term. You will hear every policy of the President described as the Bush-McCain policy. Why does Senator Obama believe it's so important to repeat that idea over and over again? Because he knows it's very difficult to get Americans to believe something they know is false. So he tries to drum it into your minds by constantly repeating it rather than debate honestly the very different directions he and I would take the country."

Johnny Mac, June 15, 2005....

MR. RUSSERT: And what people point to -- and this is an article in your hometown paper, the Arizona Republic, "At Odds With Bush. John McCain repeatedly has taken maverick positions that have put him at odds with President Bush's administration" . . . . The fact is you are different than George Bush.

SEN. McCAIN: No. No. I -- the fact is that I'm different but the fact is that I have agreed with President Bush far more than I have disagreed. And on the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I've been totally in agreement and support of President Bush. So have we had some disagreements on some issues, the bulk -- particularly domestic issues? Yes. But I will argue my conservative record voting with anyone's, and I will also submit that my support for President Bush has been active and very impassioned on issues that are important to the American people.

John McCain may not be up to speed on today's digital, internet system. He may believe that the words he has said in the past have no bearing on what he says today. He is mistaken. Often, I've witnessed the Arizona veteran Senator seem confused. It's not his age that's causing this, I don't's his disconnect with the new media paradigm. Seasoned politicians, like McCain, have been used to the old politics of getting away with most anything they said, because, in McCain's case at least, he only delivers "straight talk". The blogosphere doesn't give deference to main media's empty memes.

In Glenn Greenwald's two quotes separated in time by 3 years.....Johnny Mac gives two completely contradictory answers to the same question. When John Kerry did this over the "85 billion" he first voted for and then voted against.....the media and the usual right wing screechers concluded that that statement alone disqualified the Democratic veteran as a hopeless flip-flopper.

I can feel McCain's pain here. If he says he is with Bush, then Americans will reject him this fall. If he says he is against Bush, then Republican voters....the 28 percent who still support W......may not vote for him, also resulting in a loss for McCain.

He's in a tight spot.

However, here's McCain's real problem. His attempts to have it both ways are starting to mount up. A solid case can be made right now that McCain holds both sides of many policy issues. That juggling act won't be a credible one for very long.

Obama is a competitive guy. McCain is giving Obama a host of nuclear ammunition, as it were, to use in his fight against the GOP candidate. I suggest that is a mistake on McCain's part.



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