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McCain's Faulty Judgment On Display With Palin Pick

By The Reverend Published: August 29, 2008

First....Governor Sarah Palin is most probably a very nice person who loves America. She has a great family and, from all indications, she's been well received as governor of Alaska. So...this post is not about Sarah Palin, per se.

It's about John McCain.

I think that the choice of Palin, itself, was decided upon based on a media hoax. Forever and a day we have been exposed to the completely phony narrative of the so-called 'Hillary voters'. Those whom, pundits insist, are so upset with Obama's primary win that they won't vote for the Democratic ticket in November. Sadly for hopeful Republicans, that is a hoax, as witnessed by both of the Clinton's thunderous support for Obama-Biden.

However, John McCain, whose campaign is being directed by Rovian elements, has apparently, with the Palin pick, bought a one way ticket on this cycle's TurdBlossom Special, believing in the preposterous notion that he can strip away Democratic women voters with a female VP choice.

As the next president said last night..."I've got news for John McCain."

For John McCain to think that Democratic women, for that matter any women, will vote for a ticket that will end the right to choose their own reproductive futures, because a woman is his VP, I think, demonstrates, once again, poor judgment. To believe that women will want to vote for more anti-science, anti-environmentalist same-ism because there's a woman on the GOP ticket, demonstrates judgment out of touch with "regular Americans". To believe that voters will not see the connection Palin has with oil and gas corporations simply because she's a....woman....and won't remind voters of the current oil men in believing in a hoax.

And how fitting. McCain, with warrior full-throatedness, believed in the hoax of the Iraqi threat. He not only believed in it, he shouted it from the rooftops. Alas, it was a hoax. John McCain loves himself some "surge" and, still today, shouts it from the rooftops....but, sadly for the 72 year old veteran, the "surge" was yet another political hoax carried out on an uninformed American population. John McCain still believes, and enthusiastially endorses, more supply side giveaways to the wealthiest in our land....despite the fact that 8 straight years of economic quagmire have rendered that same economic policy....a failed hoax.

How fitting then, that John McCain's choice for his vice-presidential running mate, would also be based on a hoax.

It's not about McCain's veteran POW history, it's not about his experience in the Village for almost 30 years, it's not even really about the outgoing's about McCain's judgment. He demonstrates a curious tendency to be a sucker for hoaxes.

Sarah Palin has her own problems.

Sarah Palin on the issues.

Sarah Palin on ANWR..."the nation's most prominent advocate of drilling in ANWR,"

Call a Wammbulance for the Mittster.



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