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McClellan Channels The Reverend

By The Reverend Published: May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan, former press secretary for the Bush administration, just released a new inside the White House book entitled, "What Happenned: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception." McClellan has been a close friend of George W. Bush for over ten years and one of his most loyal defenders.

McClellan is no Joe Wilson.

Here's some of what he says in his book....

"Over that summer of 2002," he writes, "top Bush aides had outlined a strategy for carefully orchestrating the coming campaign to aggressively sell the war. . . . In the permanent campaign era, it was all about manipulating sources of public opinion to the president's advantage."

McClellan, once a staunch defender of the war from the podium, comes to a stark conclusion, writing, "What I do know is that war should only be waged when necessary, and the Iraq war was not necessary." Link

"The president had promised himself that he would accomplish what his father had failed to do by winning a second term in office," he writes. "And that meant operating continually in campaign mode: never explaining, never apologizing, never retreating. Unfortunately, that strategy also had less justifiable repercussions: never reflecting, never reconsidering, never compromising. Especially not where Iraq was concerned."

• McClellan charges that Bush relied on “propaganda” to sell the war.

• He says the White House press corps was too easy on the administration during the run-up to the war.

...after Hurricane Katrina, the White House “spent most of the first week in a state of denial,”

“And the perception of this catastrophe was made worse by previous decisions President Bush had made, including, first and foremost, the failure to be open and forthright on Iraq and rushing to war with inadequate planning and preparation for its aftermath.”

“If anything, the national press corps was probably too deferential to the White House and to the administration in regard to the most important decision facing the nation during my years in Washington, the choice over whether to go to war in Iraq.

“The collapse of the administration’s rationales for war, which became apparent months after our invasion, should never have come as such a surprise. … In this case, the ‘liberal media’ didn’t live up to its reputation. If it had, the country would have been better served.” Link

What Scott McClellan says in his book is EXACTLY what the left blogosphere, of which I am a proud member, has been saying for years. There's nothing new in Scotty's revelations. The revelations are new, however, to main media coverage. The same "liberal media" that McClellan, rightly, mocks for their Knee Padding practices.

The facts about the criminality and propagandizing by Bush/Cheney have been known and written about for seven years. These national crimes have resulted in the murder, ordered by Bush/Cheney, of over four thousand American G.I.'s and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. A criminal "war" whose selling to the nation, was "aggressively" and "carefully" orchestrated.....

"Over that summer of 2002," he writes, "top Bush aides had outlined a strategy for carefully orchestrating the coming campaign to aggressively sell the war."

When a war of naked aggression must be sold "carefully".....when that selling must be "aggressively" orchestrated.....that war not only is unnecessary or simply mistaken.....instead, it is a premeditated crime.

The first insider corroboration to the crime is now hiding in plain sight....

Though Congress won't do it......articles of impeachment against Bush/Cheny et al, should be introduced immediately.



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