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Media...Big Part Of The Problem

By The Reverend Published: December 9, 2008

1) The reason Americans never had the Bushian wool pulled away from their eyes until after the Katrina catastrophe was because of our corrupt main media. Main media writers and teevee journalists are given access to the powerful, but always and only, if those granting the access are also granted anonymity. Those folks in positions of power have an agenda to push....that's a given for those in power....and the way that agenda is advanced is through what I would call the media's "cap and trade" practice. Media people "trade" access to "inside information" from the powerful in return for the "cap" of anonymity. With this terribly incestuous dynamic, the powerful are able to successfully advance their agenda, media members gain access to what they call "exclusive content", even though this "content" is nothing more than stenography....and the American people?.....well....they remain uninformed or choose.

To see a clear example of this dynamic at work, take the time to read this.

2) Condoleezza Rice, current Bush Secretary of State and former Bush NSA chief, participated in the "Revisionistic Covering Of W's Sorry Ass Tour" this past Sunday on NBC's

"Press the Meatheads " Meet the Press.

By the way, Rice had no qualifications for either of the Bush appointments, and I would argue THAT is why W. appointed her. Those who would question my view of Rice would need to direct my attention to ONE positive accomplishment, action, decision or idea that Rice advanced in the 8 years she held those cabinet positions. Propagandizing Americans with phrases like "smoking gun" or "mushroom clouds" not qualify. Neither do Bush ass-covering magic tricks.

Condi with the whitewash brush firmly clutched said this....

Rice also offered a strong defense of President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003, despite what she admitted was faulty intelligence on the late Saddam Hussein’s progress on building a nuclear weapon.

Plenty of contradictory intelligence existed prior to the launch of Bush's illegal war. However, as Scott McClelland has explained, once the "product" decision of attacking Iraq was made, (Bush and Cheney's foreign policy plan BEFORE taking office), all that was left for the Bushies to do, beginning in September 2002, was to SELL the idea of attacking the sovereign nation of Iraq. Cheney went about leading the process of "stovepiping" the intelligence the Bushies found favorable for attacking Iraq, while downplaying any contradictory intelligence. The intelligence was never really "faulty", as Bush and, now, Rice, have argued again recently.

Iraq was never a threat to America. The Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld lie was that Iraq was a threat. The intelligence that the Bushian revisionists now conveniently point to as "faulty" was never really the point. "Faulty intelligence" is simply a bogus-distraction fall guy for the Bushian regime's crime of Iraq.

Once again, the crime of the Bushians was to insist that Iraq was a direct threat to the U.S. The mistake, if that's what you call it, was attacking Iraq in the first place. Condi insists otherwise in her weekend whirlwind whitewash appearance on Meet the Press....

Rice, however, admitted that the Bush administration failed to adequately prepare for the post-war occupation of Iraq.

"I don't think we had the right structure," she added when asked about post-invasion planning and her relationship with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

"We tried in Iraq to give it to a single department, the Department of Defense. That's why the president has now said we need a civilian response board that can do those activities, but clearly, we didn't have the right structure."

"I take responsibility too," Rice responded when asked whether that was Rumsfeld's fault. "We just didn't have the right structure.” Link

No question that Rumsfeld and Co. royally f*cked up by insisting on his choice of "structure", but as usual with these propagandists and liars, that's nowhere near the point.

The argument about Iraq, moving forward in this whitewash environment, should be about the initial decision to invade a sovereign nation which posed no threat to America, and making that decision in the middle of an unfinished battle against America's proven enemy, al-Qaeda. What the discussion should NOT be about, at least primarily, is how the invasion and occupation were conducted after the impeachable decision was made.

Pay attention to how the Knee Padders cover this whitewash moving forward.



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