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Media Titans Agree To Self-Censor

By The Reverend Published: August 1, 2009

If you haven't read this yet....I think you'll find it very revealing. I know I did.

Most cable news viewers, who are aware of the larger picture around them, agree that Fox News is simply an arm of the Republican Party which slants and distorts and hides the truth on many news stories while simultaneously bashing Democrats 24/7. Many from the left have remarked on how radically worse Fox has gotten since Obama's election....a view I concur with.

Apparently, from the NY Times piece I link to below, an agreement was reached between Fox and NBC's head haunchos on June 1. An agreement where Keith Olbermann would cut back or eliminate altogether his nightly exposure of Bill O'Reilly's lies and propaganda....and in return Bill O'Reilly would cut back or stop altogether his ambushing of NBC officials and any negative attacks on GE, MSNBC's parent corporation.

I knew the corporate media was rotten and corrupt.....I just didn't fully appreciate, I guess, the putridness of the stench.

Just one small piece of the NY Times article to consider.....

....even though the feud had increased the audience of both programs, their lieutenants arranged a cease-fire, according to four people who work at the companies and have direct knowledge of the deal.

The emboldened words prove that the "feud" between Olbermann and O'Reilly was profitable for both Fox and NBC. Corporate heads don't usually stop profit builders from....umm.....building profits, so there is much more here than meets the eye.

It would appear that Fox doesn't want anymore attention drawn to the role they're playing as official teevee network for the Republican Party, and GE's big brass doesn't want any surprise revelations being broadcast to millions about their corporate activities.

What's your take?



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