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Medina Resident Writes Hate-Letter

By The Reverend Published: September 8, 2009

I don't often take on one of the letters-to-the-editor appearing in the daily Beacon Journal. But, today, I'm going to....

Ms. Adrienne Appleby-Bures of MEDINA writes in explaining how she opposes President Barack Obama's planned talk to schoolchildren today. Medina School leaders have decided to censor the President's talk to make sure it's "safe" to show children. Medina citizens, like Appleby-Bures, are the reason why Medina district scool leaders are censoring the President today.

The Medina resident begins...

"Schools were to prepare students for President Obama's address today. I read the teacher-preparation materials, and I do not want my children to be part of this education. I informed their schools. I disagree with the socialist agenda embraced by our current administration.

To me, this includes the green movement, global warming, a positive portrayal of wealth redistribution, and the apparent belief that protections for individual liberties in the Constitution can be ignored."

I realize it does absolutely no good to point out that President Obama kept those private banksters private and didn't take them over, that his health care plan does not even mention a single payer socialist program and that even a public option plan is being called non-essential by the White House. Taxes have actually been lowered under Obama. Facts do not matter to folks like Ms. Appleby-Bures, her mind is made up.

"The following is from the teacher-preparation notes: Why is it important that we listen to the president and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of Congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?

My children are being taught that elected officials will represent them. They will not be taught to ''listen'' to those individuals, as if being elected gives a right to indoctrinate others in social and governmental re-engineering campaigns."

Those paragraphs channel Glenn Beck and the Limbaugh-like buffoons who make millions selling hate. The words "indoctrinate" and "governmental re-engineering campaigns" are part of Beck's and Limbaugh's daily scripts. Ms. Appleby-Bures is agreeing with the buffoons.....Obama is remarkably similar, these conservative buffoons say, to Adolph Hitler.

With this hateful mind, Appleby-Bures rants that she doesn't want her children involved in "social re-engineering" or government "indoctrination" efforts.

If you type the words, "social re-engineering by Obama" into the Google, you'll find a half a million entries. Anti-democratic conservatives, having lost the last two elections...and badly....can only work to smear and villify Democrats and Obama, compare them with Hitler, Stalin or Mao, or, you know, someone really, really scary. That's the purpose of Appleby-Bures hate letter. To spread fear, ugliness, and hatred. Appleby-Bures' letter is part of an orchestrated effort to spread fact-free and hateful propaganda about a Democratic president. hall buster-uppers.....letter-to-the-editor style.

The extremist Appleby-Bures, mercifully, finishes up....

" If there is a push for student participation in a national service day on Sept. 11, I will protest. My children participate in church, Scouts and charity work my family deems valuable. Sept. 11 should always be a day of reflection and remembrance.

If the president wants a day for volunteer service, I respectfully suggest he, his friends and family volunteer time on what is the most progressive and socialist holiday, Labor Day. I suggest he focus his own efforts on moving Tax Freedom Day back into the first quarter."

Yes, this letter-writer is unhinged from reality, and full of despicable hatred towards Democrats and President Obama. She is free in America, of course, to be unhinged from reality.

Adrienne Appleby-Bures despises even the thought of Obama asking students to participate in a national day of service. Yes, even mentioning service to one's country is more than the extreme right in America today can tolerate.

But Bures can't let it go at that. She can't be satisfied with just spreading her hate-bile and propaganda, you know, like Beck and Limbaugh do each day. She has to go on to insult American workers by mocking Labor Day, calling it "the most socialist holiday".

Let me be clear here....people like Ms. Appleby-Bures are not worthy to wipe the ass of those who fought and died for the rights of workers in America. Without labor unions our country today would look similar to any ordinary Latin American hellhole.....and with the killing off of the unions by conservative haters of workers, like Appleby-Bures, how long will it be before we are nothing but a third world country?

Be scared of this socialist Democratic President who wants to "indoctrinate" kids to work hard and stay in school to strengthen America. Be scared of a president who encourages service to the country, that's "social re-engineering." And if that president calls for a national day of service, tell him he and his communist buddies already have a "socialist holiday", Labor Day.

Ms. Adrienne Appleby-Bures......and the Medina horse she road in on.

UPDATE: Go here to see why the Obama-is-indoctrinating-our-kids screeching is simply about unhinged Obama-hate...and nothing more.

UPDATE II: Here's Obama's Mao speech to the kids today.

Here's the Hitleresque clincher....

" .... none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities. Unless you show up to those schools; pay attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and other adults; and put in the hard work it takes to succeed."



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