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Meet The Stupids......"Gas Tax Holiday" Episode

By The Reverend Published: May 4, 2008

In this episode of "Meet the Stupids"....we join Hillary Clinton and John McCain as they desperately flop around grasping for anything that will bolster their hollow and sagging campaigns. Both establishment figures have suggested that over the summer Americans should have 18 1/2 cents of federal taxes on a gallon of gasoline lifted to give all the little people, you know, a break.

The Gas Tax Holiday.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are both pushing a ``gas-tax holiday'' to give consumers an 18.4- cent-a-gallon price break. Link

Hillary, upping the populist pandering ante, took it further the other day....

Hillary spokesperson Howard Wolfson, on a conference call with reporters moments ago, confirmed that she'd be going forward with her plan to introduce the gas tax holiday legislation. Link

Hillary believes this episode of the Stupids can draw a clear distinction with her not-willing-to-pander-that-much opponent, Barack Obama, who does not favor the Stupids "Gas Tax Holiday".

I've just obtained a copy of another ad hitting Obama on the gas tax that Hillary just started airing in Indiana.

The last-minute ad, which went up late on the Friday before election day, says Hillary's gas tax holiday would "save families $8 billion," and adds: "Barack Obama says that's just pennies."

"He'd make you keep paying that tax, instead of big oil," the ad continues. Link

McCain...sounding like the authoritarian father-figure he desires to be for America....intensifies the Stupids "Gas Tax Holiday" asking, "why not?"

“Why don’t we give American working men and women a little break this summer,” he said. “It’s not the end of western civilization as we know it.” Link

What about the Non-Stupids? What do they say about all this.....

Economists say that while the populist proposals appeal to consumers struggling to make ends meet, the voters will be disappointed when the moves don't work.

They say the oil companies may end up the biggest beneficiaries, while the aid to families wouldn't be enough to buy a $35 backpack. Link

Summarizing this episode of "Meet the Stupids: Gas Tax Holiday"....

The two establishment candidates, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, admiringly tagged The Stupids for this episode, want to reduce gas taxes for three months. That would save the average American a whopping $35, while at the same time it would reduce revenues for highway maintenance while adding $8 billion to the deficit(McCain's version)....and keep gas prices at their currently high rates. See why they're called the Stupids?

In addition, after the summer "Holiday", the Democrats could be blamed for "raising taxes" when the gas taxes were reactivated. All so Americans, apparently distracted easily by shiny objects and trinkets, can save approximately $35!

Barack Obama doesn't appear in this current Stupids episode. He isn't pandering overtly like the two stars of "Meet the Stupids: Gas Tax Holiday"....

The Illinois Democrat has proposed a windfall-profits tax that could cost oil companies $15 billion a year at current profit levels, according to Jason Grumet, a campaign adviser. The plan, which would impose a tax on each barrel of oil over $80, could cost oil producers three times the $50 billion, 10-year windfall-profits tax Clinton has proposed.

Obama would use the money to help pay for a $1,000 tax cut for working families, expand the earned-income tax credit and aid people in paying their energy bills.

Still, it's the gas-tax holiday that's getting the most attention on the campaign trail. Link

Gotta love that last line....."Meet the Stupids: Gas Tax Holiday" is getting all the attention by guess who? Yep, Knee Pad Media. See....if working families actually heard about Obama's $1000 tax cut proposal....well....they might see how vacuous AND Stupid the Hillary and McCain proposal really is. That would be why "Gas Tax Holiday" is "getting the most attention on the campaign trail."

Establishment candidates.

Establishment Knee Padders.

Establishment Stupids.



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