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Meet The Wah-Wahs

By The Reverend Published: May 11, 2009

Those who suck on Rush Limbaugh's....every word..... have a full frontal case of the wah-wahs today.

Victimology 101 class for conservative dittohead wah-wahs is now in session.

The White House Correspondent's Dinner, Saturday night...the first one in 8 years with a Democratic President, was sure to offend the cretins in the Village and, in particular, those who love them some fat-ass Rush Limbaugh.

You'll hear and see wall-to-wall coverage this week of the national security threat of entertainers making fun of....umm....other entertainers.

Now, granted.....making fun of Rush Limbaugh should certainly be more offensive to "real Americans" than, say, George W. Bush and Barney yukking it up looking for those WMD in the White House...."they must be around here somewhere", that's some appropriate humor. Humor, to be good, has to have a shred of truth as it's hook. And come on.....what's more humorous than laughing about 4200 dead American soldiers?

Or, how about Dick Cheney's total control over the English language, and himself, while telling Democratic Senator Pat Leahy to "go f*ck himself"? Surely, that was just some appropriate male-bonding jokesterism from the floor of the Senate. Good and acceptable decorum that.

But calling out the AM talk radio love and compassion expert, Master Ditto,.....treating him as he likes to treat others....well,....where's Tom Ridge and his adjustable-scale color terror chart when we, you know, really need him? Go to Defcon 6 somebody.....the nation is under seige.

See?....a white male entertainer calls the nation's first black president "the Magic Negro", and that, to neanderthals, is funny and appropriate. Who could be offended by that? Anyone offended is just overly sensitive. But a black, female, comedienne entertainer calling a white, male entertainer the "20th hijacker".....well.....that's a call for a 15 million listener wah-wah counseling session.....and perhaps, a recommendation to add a White House Correspondent's Dinner Censoring Czar.

First a handful of GOP'ers, including Hip-Hop RNC Leader, Mike Steele, appropriately sucked back their own words of criticism of the drug addict with 15 million frontal-lobe listeners. Now, the Village dope addicts, like racist Pat Buchanan, soon to be followed by all the usual suspects, are rushing to defend the "integrity" of the foulest, most hateful bastard entertainer on the American landscape today.

In other words.....the status quo is in no danger.

The only truly substantive matter yet to be determined, now that Dittohead World has been sucker-punched by a black, female middle eastern country should Cheney attack and occupy in response?



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