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Meet The WINOS

By The Reverend Published: July 23, 2007


In political talk the acronyms RINO and DINO have significant import. "Republicans in name only" and "Democrats in name only" are what the letters, respectively, represent, but mockery of these political types is what is intended when said acronyms are thrown about by partisans on either side.

Recently the blogosphere has found a new acronym to use, once again for mockery purposes, only this time the letters stand for "Withdraw In Name Only".

Meet the WINOs.

In the last couple of weeks a few Republican senators have made comments or have written letters that SOUNDED like they were seriously considering turning against George W. Bush's "stay the course surge" in Iraq. Ohio's own George Voinovich being one of these senators.

Domenici(R-NM), Lugar(R-IN), Collins(R-ME), combined with Voinovich, have now become charter members of this brand new WINO group. These GOP senators said America must change it's course in Iraq, "stay the course" was no longer going to be acceptable. Well, that's what they said at least.

The Knee Pad MSM breathlessly wondered how this "turning against" Bush's Iraq policy of "leaving is losing" would affect the vote on amendments offered up by Democrats. Amendments that were meant to begin our re-deployment of soldiers out of Iraq.

So, how did those GOP senators vote on the Levin-Reid amendment which mandated withdrawing troops in 120 days and ended our occupation of Iraq by the spring of 2008?

They all voted against it when they voted to not end debate. All four of these WINO's voted to continue the filibuster by Republicans. These four GOP'ers wanted to get some good press coverage explaining how they were separating themselves from the president's name only. They wanted to get credit for being independent minded senators while not really being, you know.....independent. When they had a chance to, like, actually DO something about Bush's war of choice, they reverted back to their typical Rubber Stamper stances.

WINOs are potentially dangerous. They often get in the way and can be stumbled over, on sidewalks, in back allies, and........even in the halls of Congress.

Watch your step.



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