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Messing With The Sequester

By The Reverend Published: October 25, 2013

March, 2013....

Rep. Steve Scalise, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, claims that the onset of (sequester) cuts will be a “big victory” for “conservative principles.” Boehner aides appear to agree:

Republican aides say privately that Mr. Boehner sees no need to negotiate; Republicans are in a good place, they argue, because they want spending cuts and those cuts are happening.

That "good place" Republicans argued they were in with the sequester is doing damage to the national economy and will continue to do damage to the national economy.

Aug, 2013....

....the (sequester) cuts will shave as much as 1.2% off gross domestic product — after inflation — through this year and next, according to the Congressional Budget Office. They'll cost as many as 1.6 million jobs over that time frame, the CBO says. That's not counting the damage that has occurred since March 1.

Proving for the umpteenth time that cutting government spending (austerity) during an historic recession plagued by insufficient consumer demand will make that recession longer and worse for average Americans.

Speaker Boehner was absolutely giddy with the results of the August, 2011, near-default crisis which led to the sequester. On August 1, 2011, Boehner said, "I got 98% of what I wanted."

Purposely doing damage to the national economy during such a deep and bitter recession is, indeed, reprehensible....bordering on treason....but boasting about "winning" is just plain disgusting.

In the wake of the most recent GOP government shutdown, the shutdown which carved an additional .6% off 4th quarter GNP, a new round of "bipartisan budget meetings" are scheduled to begin. Deja-vu, it is.....or if you prefer, 'resetting the trap.'

Having knowingly done so much damage to the economy the last few order to blame Democratic leadership for a sluggish economy.....Republicans are now prepared to remove mandatory defense spending cuts from the sequester provisions.

The shrill one, Paul Krugman predicted this would happen back in February...

House Republicans.....want to take everything that’s bad about the sequester and make it worse: canceling cuts in the defense budget, which actually does contain a lot of waste and fraud, and replacing them with severe cuts in aid to America’s neediest.

How can Republicans do further damage to the economy leading up to next November, and then run against a failed "Democrat" economy that they sabotaged? Here's how.....

Republicans are looking at a bushel basket of cuts to Medicare health care providers contained in Obama’s budget. They also have voiced support for curbing Social Security cost-of-living adjustments....

There are also several supercommittee ideas like curbing Postal Service cost overruns, making federal workers contribute more to their pensions and raising premiums on higher-income Medicare beneficiaries.

Here's Wonkboy Paul Ryan wonking.....and laughing....all the way.....

“I think we all agree that there’s a smarter way to cut spending” than sequestration, Ryan said. “If I can reform entitlement programs where the savings compound annually … that is more valuable for reducing the debt than a one-time spending cut in discretionary spending.”

That has been the GOP plan all along. Reduce the government down to where it will fit in a bathtub, and then...drown it. All that Republicans want left alive is....defense spending, and plenty of it.

So, Ryan and the Austerians, already having tricked Obama and Democrats into "negotiating" with enemies of the national economy through the gimmick of sequestration, plan to now hijack that gimmick to punish the elderly, the poors, the hungry and the unemployed.....while giving the bloated Defense Dept yet another sloppy wet kiss.

The audacity of Republicans today is literally unfathomable. Instead of agreeing to create jobs through new government spending on infrastructure and education.....the GOP is hellbent on destroying more jobs and doing even more economic damage and creating even more pain for our nation's most vulnerable.

The way out of this economy-destroying cycle is to take the House away from Republicans next November...and put an end to the sequester. It's the only way.

Until then, Democrats must be firm....and just say no to all conservative ideological gimmicks.



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