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Michigan Primary, Nevada Debate, And The Recession

By The Reverend Published: January 16, 2008

I don't have as much time this week as I usually do. Here's a few comments about yesterday's political activity.

First....Republicans held a primary in Michigan that Willard Mitt Romney won over John MCain by 39%-30%. The Beacon this morning has the headline, "Romney's business message spurs GOP."Link The "business message" Romney had for Michigan was this....

"...he told the auto industry what it wanted to hear, explaining to the Detroit Economic Club that ''Washington-dictated (fuel efficiency) standards is not the right answer.'' McCain told the same group in October that tough standards are necessary and that the auto industry could adapt."

Lies, indeed, spur the GOP.....there's little doubt about that....but in this particular case in Michigan, McCain, not Romney, is the one tellling the truth. Romney did what he has always done ever since he announced his candidacy. He told the "auto industry what it wanted to hear."

Of course better fuel efficiency is part of the "right answer", as McCain stated. It's long overdue. To Mitt, who has never stood before a group of potential voters he didn't pander to, it's only the votes that count. So....he tells Michigan's voters better fuel efficiency laws are "not the right answer". He doesn't offer a better answer or offer anything, really, he just tells them what "they want to hear".

Romney and McCain were asked in last weekend's debate about those auto worker jobs being lost in Michigan. McCain told the truth that the jobs were not coming back and because of that the federal government needed to focus on job retraining to help those who had lost them. Romney disagreed. Without any proof or program or plan, of any kind, to offer as an alternative, Romney simply said he didn't accept the fact that those jobs weren't coming back.

To critics of Barack Obama.....Romney's example here is what offering "false hope" looks like.

The Republicans are having a very difficult time choosing a candidate.....that will continue.

On to NBC's Democratic "debate" held in Nevada.

Those who watched the first 40 minutes couldn't have missed the audience member who shouted, "When ya' gonna' stop asking race baiting questions?" I'll have video clips later, but for now.....what Brian Williams and Tim Russert did in the first portion of the debate last night can only be described as disgusting. Every question in the first 35-40 minutes was a racially charged one....every question was based on what the media, itself, had been responsible for....fanning flames of a non-story they, themselves, had created.

These media pigs stoked a story that basically only they knew anything about and then dared to spend a third of the debate time last night asking the candidates about the media's own story. The media introduced race into the....uh....race. Not the candidates.

At one particularly low point John Edwards was asked, "How do you feel running against a black man and a woman........with you being the only white man?" Three words......Knee Pad Media. If a Democrat takes the presidency it will be because they have defeated not only the Republican candidate....but the Knee Pad Media as well.

After these despicable NBC creatures slimed their way through the first part of the event.....the remainder was quite good and showcased the great Democratic talent in Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

The Democrat's performance last night, when compared against the GOP'ers debate last weekend, is quite revealing. There's little question that the Democrats have much stronger potential leaders. Leaders who are not like the Chatty Kathy Dolls whose strings can be pulled for predictable "I'll cut taxes" or "I'll start more wars" answers.

And finally....this is off-topic, but who cares?.....across the top of the front page of the Beacon this morning is a silhouette of the word "recession".

On August 18th, 2007, five months ago, I said this....

As I type this the Dow is down another 175 points. Since July 19th when the Dow Index hit 14,121, it has fallen over 1300 points or approximately 9%.
..and this....

So let's say right around March of 2008 we'll be in a recession. Primarily caused by borrowing huge sums of money with which to gamble.

The Dow opens today at 12,500.....1600 points below the July 19th, 2007 level....some 11% down. The gambling on borrowed and leveraged money tied to mortage bundles has been partially exposed with much more to follow. Now everyone is talking about recession. The Reverend has been slightly ahead of the curve on this issue and doesn't mind saying so.

My prediction of March for the official kickoff date of the recession is right on schedule.



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