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Mike Huckabee

By The Reverend Published: December 13, 2007

I wanted to say something about the rise of Mike Huckabee in GOP primary polling.

If you didn't happen to catch any of yesterday's GOP debate, here's an almost 5 minute video I put together with only Huckabee answering....

The Reverend's take on Huckabee.

I know evangelical Christianity. Mike Huckabee is a typical big-church evangelical preacher in what's often called the hillbilly tradition of independent fundamentalists.

Huckabee had a big evangelical church of his own before he kicked off his career in politics, in this he's not too much different from Pat Robertson who ran for president awhile back. Huckabee is more credible, overall, compared to Robertson.

The reason these evangelical churches become so large is because of the preacher. It's a cult of personality kind of thing. In the age of celebrities that we live in, fundamentalist Christians have their's too. Huckabee drew thousands to his evangelical church.

Mike Huckabee's early debate appearances have demonstrated a very likeable style of communicating. You can sense his humanity. He's believable as he explains many of the human situations we all face. He actually does talk like a common person, especially when compared to the other detached-from-humanity GOP candidates. This style was developed over years of "ministering" to, you know, real human beings dealing with genuine human problems.

Having said all that, The Reverend will become president before Mike Huckabee ever will.

The Republican Party couldn't have been rewarded more for their ugly and dishonest baiting of the evangelical types throughout America over the last 28 years or so. Now their rising candidate is one of the leaders of those who were baited. Elitist monied Republicans are already disgusted with the ashes of theocratic candidates, like Huckabee and Romney, but that's all that's left of a party led by Karl Rove. He burned the party to the ground with hate and intolerance, deception and lies.

What the GOP caught while baiting for evangelical Christians is Mike Huckabee.

The ex-governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee witnessed his poll numbers rise drastically in Iowa recently, I think, because of Romney's religion speech combined with Rudy's Shag Fund problems. Evangelicals made a decision in the last 2 weeks, at least in Iowa, and it looks like a bunch of them made that decision at the same time and for the same person. They decided that Huckabee is their designated theocon-to-be. These voters have, of course, every right.

But it ain't what the movers and shakers in the party of the rich wanted to happen. Now these same secular, monied Republicans will do their best to match Huckabee and Romney in some Steel Cage Event, in the hopes they'll destroy each other in a no prisoners political dual. Paving the way, in the thinking of the secular GOP party devils, for the thrice married and Shag Fund controlling Rudy Giuliani or the 72 year old cranky, ex-torture victim hawk, John McCain.

Man is this Republican retribution fun to watch. Fun, in a twisted, sick kind of way.



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