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Missouri & Concealed Carry

By The Reverend Published: April 25, 2013

I know several people who have concealed carry licenses. A few years back one of them told me about being pulled over by a policeman in a routine traffic stop. He wasn't upset that he had been pulled over. What upset him was that the police officer was aware before he approached the vehicle that my acquaintance had a concealed carry permit. The first question from the officer was 'where is it'?

The fact that law enforcement had access to concealed carry permit information really upset my friend. I mean, it really pissed him off. The fact that police knew who had concealed carry permits and who didn't was just a step too far according to my concealed carry acquaintance. Many highly descriptive and vulgar expletives deleted were uttered.

I must say, I don't quite understand that type of thinking. It is as if law enforcement is the enemy and therefore concealed carry holders must remain anonymous, even to law enforcement, just in case, I guess, concealed carry holders and other citizens have to take on law enforcement.

Now comes a similar, but more current story out of the great state of Missouri....

Missouri state senators on Monday voted to eliminate all funding for the Department of Revenue’s driver’s license bureau because they were angry about the way the agency was keeping concealed carry gun records.

Hostage taking.....state edition.

You may remember hearing about the flimsy and laughable excuse offered by gun enthusiasts suggesting universal background checks for all gun purchases were the first step towards totalitarianism, or worse. You may also recall that the U.N. almost always comes up in any discussion with Serious right wingers about gun regulations. It's all very curious.....

The wife of a state legislator said she was certain that the decision to turn over a list of 163,000 Missourians with concealed weapons permits to federal investigators was part of a plot to impose United Nations policies in this country.

"I have been doing some study on U.N. Agenda 21," Melissa Wilson, wife of state Rep. Kenneth Wilson, R-Smithville, told the committee. "With this information going to the federal government, I feel that I will be a target. With Agenda 21, I will be someone who will be put on a watch list."

It seems that information on Missouri concealed carry permits...."kept by the state as part of driver licensing data....had been turned over to the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General. Social Security Inspector General Patrick O'Carroll said last week the discs that contained the data were destroyed when they could not be accessed by the investigator."

But that was just too close to the totalitarian cliff for some Missourians. To other more imaginative citizens of the state, it was evidence that the End of Days had begun. Thus the hostage taking of the Division of Motor Vehicles to get those collectivist hands off those concealed carry permits in Missouri.

Despite a Supreme Court which is more conservative than ever.....a conservative Court which recently expanded the rights of citizens to own guns by finding in the 2nd amendment invisible words outside the actual "in order to maintain a well-regulated militia" justification for constitutionally-based gun ownership.....many Missourians think our nation is an eighth of an inch away from being disarmed by a rogue, totalitarian government.....

Missouri State Senator Rob Schaaf (R-St Joseph).....

"We are just a few Supreme Court justices away from losing our Second Amendment rights," Schaaf said. "And then they will come knocking on your door to come take away your gun. That is why putting the CCW list in one solid list strikes deep into the heart of every gun owner in America."

"I am sorry you said that," citizen Mary Bay said. "When there are 300 million guns in America, that's absurd. People have been duped by the NRA on this issue for more than 30 years."

Bay was immediately rebuked by the majority in the room, including Filippo Biondo of Gladstone who jumped to his feet. "Lady, you are going against the Constitution for what you are saying, and that makes you a damn traitor," he said.

The above is the result of concerted efforts by liars and propagandists, usually funded by the NRA and cluster-communicated by Foxians, to confuse citizens and distort reality until it's unrecognizable. So sure are those conservatives who have been entirely brainwashed by NRA bullshite....that any voice to the contrary means that voice is the voice of a "damn traitor."

It's a sad, sad situation....and it's growing more absurd.



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