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Mitt Romney.....Fantasist

By The Reverend Published: August 23, 2012

If you take the time to read about the Mormon faith, you'll realize that Mitt Romney is already used to believing in fantastical stuff. That's fine and all, our nation is chock full of fantastical religious creeds and beliefs.....a product of a nation which guarantees the freedom to exercise religion.

However, the office of the presidency is not served well by fantastical thinking.

Mitt Romney released a white paper on his energy plan for the nation. In it, Romney claims that, if we elect him to the presidency, he will lead our country to "energy independence" by 2020. Yep. Something our nation hasn't been able to do in over a hundred energy independent.....Mitt will accomplish in just 8 years.

Mitt says he will make the U.S. energy independent by using only coal and oil. I guess that means reducing carbon emissions is out of Mitt's picture.

President Obama is correct when he says that as far as "proven oil reserves" go.....the United States only has 2% of the world's oil reserves. The 2% number is based on existing oil reserves.....not imaginary ones.

As a nation, we use approximately 20% of all oil used in the world.....yet "proven oil reserves" inside the U.S. account for only 2% of the world's total. Therein lies the problem we have been facing ever since the 1970's......and it also helps to explain why it is that progressive leaders have been calling for alternative energy development for the last 4 decades.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is suggesting to the American people that fantasy trumps reality when it comes to energy independence. Mitt says that by 2020, if we elect him president, he'll see to it that North America is energy independent. The U.S. imports most of it's foreign oil from Canada and Mexico, but still relies on the Saudis and the Nigerians for over 25%. How does Mitt plan to change that formula?

Wishful thinking.

First, Mitt would allow Big Oil to punch holes everywhere it wanted to inside the United States and offshore...including on all federally owned lands, parks, nature preserves, etc. etc. Geologists already know that doing so will not move the oil dependency needle even a tiny bit.....and so....some fantastical thinking is required.

When Mitt makes such a wild-eyed statement.....oil independence in 8 years....he's referring to "technically recoverable conventional oil reserves, and oil from oil shale." Or, "stuff geologists estimate is out in the world regardless of how accessible or economically viable" such oil would be.

It's the stuff of...well...pipe dreams. And all in 8 years? That's a bong dream.

Fantastical thinking by a guy who is a devout believer in fantastical thinking.

The best immediate approach to weaning ourselves from foreign oil is to replace as many gasoline consuming vehicles as we can, as fast as we can, with hydrogen, propane and/or electric-powered vehicles. The best way to diminish our dependency on foreign oil is to continue to mandate higher mileage standards for gasoline powered vehicles.

Mitt would have us believe that, in 8 years, under his leadership, Big Oil can wade through enough tar pits and frack matter the eco-damage, or the economic viability of doing make us North American oil-independent. All based on "technically recoverable" fantasism.

Mitt Romney also believes that the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in a 19th century vision instructing Smith where the "golden plates" inscribed with the Book of Mormon were "technically recoverable."



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