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Mitt Wants...."To Help The Rich"

By The Reverend Published: July 25, 2012

Not unexpectedly, Mitt Romney has decided to double down on his totally disingenuous take on President Obama's comment concerning government's role in providing infrastructure, education, safety forces and judicial systems to business and residential communities.

The Romney campaign donned it's L'il Jim O'Keefe Out-of-Context Pimp Costume last week and is now proceeding to go all in claiming that Obama told business owners straight out...."you didn't build that",....claiming that Obama said that business owners didn't build their own businesses.

I've already covered the mendacity behind these Romney/GOP claims. Obama, naturally, said nothing of the kind, instead, it's very clear to non-wingers that Obama was simply explaining how government, the collective, has a role to play in society. A role which helps everyone, citizens and businesses alike. Elementary school children understand this obvious truth.....but pretend presidential candidates seemingly do not.

Now, the Romney campaign has rolled out campaign ads where those purposely twisted phrases from Obama's talk are featured. If there were ever any questions about Romney's honesty or character or integrity....these ads will settle those questions once and for all.....even without the Mittster releasing his (probably) embarrassing tax returns. Mitt doesn't care about honesty or truth. Not that I ever doubted it, but now Mitt has proven that he will lie to the American people without blinking.

So, today, I decided to lift a sentence out of Mitt's talk before the NAACP Convention a couple weeks back for illustration and educational purposes. I am acknowledging right up front that I'm taking the Mitt sentence out of context....because, unlike Mitt Romney, I don't purposefully lie.

It is unchallengeable that Mitt said the following to the audience gathered in Houston for the NAACP Convention earlier this month........

"...I and people in my party are running for office to help the rich. The rich will do just fine...."

There it is. Mitt Romney said that he and his Republican Party are running for office "to help the rich." He said it. He said those a convention room full of mostly non-rich citizens. Should David Axelrod follow Mitt's example....and lift that one line that I lifted from the Romney NAACP speech....and build an entire campaign theme based on an out-of-context sentence? And if not.....why the heck not?

Because that's exactly what Mitt Romney and his team have done with Obama's "you didn't build that" phrase. It's entirely dishonest.....just as it would be dishonest for Obama to run ads categorically claiming that Mitt's words to the NAACP...."I am running for office to help the rich"....correctly reflect what Romney was saying and thinking at the time.

Perhaps, the reason why the Romney campaign has gone all O' because his campaign is becoming more and more aware of how steep Mitt's uphill battle is to unseat president Obama. While Fox and Fiends continue to inflate the hopes of far-right dead-enders, lying about Romney's electoral chances, selectively cherry picking favorable conservative polls, refusing to inform their viewers by editing out unfavorable data.....reality-based folks like Josh Marshall over at, using aggregate polls which change daily, now project 281 electoral votes for Obama (270 required to win). Michigan was the latest state to be moved to the 'lean Obama' column.

As I've mentioned previously, Romney does not have a clear path to win the electoral college. Sure, everything could change on a dime....but all things being equal....and if the creek don't rise....Mitt is fighting a losing battle.

And that probably explains why Mitt's team has gone to full metal jacket lying.




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