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"Mommy, That Bad President Is Picking On The GOP"

By The Reverend Published: March 15, 2013

If you go here, you'll find thousands of Google listings under the search phrase, 'gop senators tell obama to tone it down.'  Funny thing is....virtually every listing leads back to only one Associated Press story written by David Espos. The Beacon also ran the story in today's paper.

The column by Espos is a hoot. But before I get into the essence of the nonsense contained within...let's do a brief review.

From the moment he was sworn into office as president, Barack Obama has been pilloried daily by the Republican Party. From setting a new filibuster record in the Senate in Obama's first two years in office to Mitch McConnell's proclamation that their number one priority in the second two years was to make Obama a one term president.....the GOP has NEVER toned down their attacks on our nation's first black president.

On the night of Obama's first inauguration, key GOP members were meeting to plot how to obstruct and disrupt Obama's presidency.....proving there was pre-meditation behind what looked for four years to be madness.

Some may argue the finer points, but there is no doubt that Republicans set a tone after Obama's election that was not easily confused with the word conciliatory. Republicans thought it would it's all they had to they set a tone of hatefulness....and did their best to portray Obama as the 'other.'

Re-election in 2012 accomplished....Obama, burnt badly by Republicans in his first term when he attempted to negotiate directly with GOP members, decided to take his 'stop the sequester' damage on the road presenting his side of the case directly to voters.

Using the bully pulpit while being a Democratic President is anathema to Republicans....especially excellent orators like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, and so, quickly, the Village media which serves Republican interests, began mimicking the cry of GOP'ers.....Obama needs to stop this....."endless campaigning".....come back to Washington and talk to Republicans, you know, negotiate.

Naturally, Republicans, no matter what they say, have no interest in negotiating shite with Obama. Negotiation connotes both sides having the good will to compromise. As we know, Republicans WILL NOT budge on loophole closings, or raising any more revenue through fact, Ryan's budget now makes it clear, Republicans want to lower tax rates on billionaires. But they just hate it when Obama comes to their state and clearly describes to voters what Republicans have done in the past and are not willing to do now. Hate it.

So we get cynical horseshite like this yesterday....

“It’s better if the president is here fully engaged with us than traveling around the country saying Congress isn’t doing its job,” Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming later told reporters, summarizing comments he and others had made. “The president needs to be here working side by side with Congress.”

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said the message to Obama had been: “Step one is to work with us, not just heckle and taunt us on the campaign trail, and step two is to lead.”

Call the wammbulances. Translation: "Mommy, that mean president is saying bad stuff about us, make him stop."

Naive Obama, one ear tuned to the maypies cackling in the Village, stopped his 'endless campaign', and started inviting GOP guests over to the White House for dinner. Events which I call, Kabuki After Hours. But amazingly....astonishingly....all that brotherly love did not change one Republican's mind on new revenues.

What it did was stop Obama's "endless campaigning" and that, of course, was the point all along.

In previous blogs, I have shown that Republican policy positions are unpopular with the American people. In some cases, very unpopular. Republicans, despite sticking their chins out in defiance, know that their political party is on the cusp of national irrelevancy. In such a fragile and weak condition, the one thing they CAN NOT a black Democratic President coming to their state and rubbing their own faces in their very unpopular policies.

That's why guys like Thune, Barrasso, Alexander and McConnell said what they said yesterday. They talk tough and confident but they know their party's days are numbered. What they hate more than Obama, himself, is Obama coming to their home states and reminding voters there just how unpopular Republicanism is.

Unfortunately, instead of following in the footsteps of FDR who welcomed the hate of his political and corporate enemies....who reminded voters repeatedly about the rotted and destructive policies of the GOP.....naive Obama willingly dances Kabuki alongside of the Kabuki producers and humiliatingly endures, and then acts upon, the asinine notion that he should "stop attacking Republicans."



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