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"Moral Leadership"

By The Reverend Published: June 23, 2009

America has been involved in imperialistic-minded interference in other nation's governments and elections for as long as I can remember. It's what we do. And I suppose that helps in understanding why America's leading neo-conservatives, senators like Lindsey "Huckleberry" Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (ASSH*LE-CT) have been calling for U.S. interference in the Iranian election dispute. Old habits are difficult to break.

Watch Graham and McCain explain how it's our duty to interfere with other countries. First 2 minutes....

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McCain..."America's position in the world is one of moral leadership. And that's what America's all about."

America's "moral leadership" in Iran, over oil, in the 1950's led directly to the dysfunctional Islamic government in Iran today. America's "moral leadership" in Iraq during the 1980's led directly to the rise of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, which led to more American "moral leadership" in the crime and quagmire of today's occupation of Iraq. America's "moral leadership" in Afghanistan during the 1980's led directly to the establishment and strengthening of Bin Laden's extremist group, al-Qaida.

If that's "moral leadership".....what the hell would immoral leadership look like?

Set aside the 50's and the 80's "moral leadership" for a moment. How has that leadership been on display the last 8 years? America now admits to having savagely tortured detainees held in secret gulags around the world....and reserves the right to continue doing so. THAT'S what America is all about.

America attacked the nation of Iraq, without just cause, and still occupies it today with U.S. military troops and bases. Hundreds of thousands were killed, millions displaced. THAT'S what John McCain calls "moral leadership."

And don't forget that the shameless neo-conservative, John McCain, wanted to spread that American "moral leadership" to the country of Georgia when it was in a dispute with Russia. "We're all Georgians, now", McCain ridiculously insisted.

America's "moral leadership" has been on display in Latin and South America and southeast Asia, and many other places, as the U.S. attempted to mold the world in it's image against the wishes of the people being molded. It's what we do. Meddle in other countries affairs. THAT'S what America is all about.

This messianic mentality, this triumphalistic attitude, is hated by the people of other countries. This "moral leadership" is seen by others for what it actually is.....the mindset and actions of a bully always seeking to get it's own way.

There's an undercurrent throughout American political thought which sees the U.S. as the nation that god, himself, has raised up to do his bidding. Because of such thinking, many Americans deceive themselves into believing that all this "moral leadership" that McCain talks about, no matter how abhorrent, no matter how bloody, is god's will.....that no matter how we interfere or who we interfere is always the right thing to do, because we are America, god's new chosen people....and as McCain said, "moral leadership is what America is all about."

Many of today's Republicans are just itching to spread that "moral leadership" to the streets of Iran.



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