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By The Reverend Published: January 3, 2009

From the NY Times...

Israel moved its troops into Gaza starting a ground offensive eight days after launching an airstrike campaign in efforts to end rocket attacks from Hamas militants.

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces said that this second stage of the operation was intended to “bring about an improved and more stable security situation for residents of Southern Israel over the long term.”

Anyone believe that what's happening in Gaza will bring about an "improved...stable security situation"? I certainly do not.

430 Palestinians had been killed and some 2,200 wounded since the Israeli campaign began last Saturday.

Three Israeli civilians and one soldier have been killed in rocket attacks in the past week,

Israeli leaders are acting similarly to America's own international criminal duo, Bush-Cheney. The U.S terror twins have made America and the world oh-so-much safer. Our very own occupied territories in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned into an oasis of peace and harmony. I'm sure the current slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli military will usher in a comparable peaceful kingdom in and around the oh-so-holy-lands.

Thanks to the insane work of American evangelicals longing for a fairy-tale rapture, coupled with the never-ending lobbying by Jewish-American groups villifying anyone who questions the actions of Israel, United States media can only side with the Israeli aggressors and blame those being kept under an Israeli apartheid system.

World protests are going on now...similar to the world protests before the Iraq crime began. American teevee will keep the airing of those protests to a minimum...just as they did before America attacked the sovereign nation of Iraq. Nothing new about any of it.

I can't imagine what the Muslim extremist response will be to Israel's current onslaught. This particular slaughter is one of the worst I can remember.

This is very bad.

More here.



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