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More "Refudiating"

By The Reverend Published: July 24, 2010

Earlier in the week I referred to Sister Sarah's humorous Tweet about "refutiating" the building of a mosque within a couple blocks of Ground Zero.

The feedback I received, as I understood it, was that building a mosque so close to Ground Zero would be insensitive to New Yorkers, 9-11 victims families, and super-patriots everywhere.

My take was that this silliness by Palin was simply more of the same old guilt-by-association theme our nation's new Sister usually employs.

You see, Muslims hijacked planes and ran them into the Twin Towers....ipso facto....all Muslims or reminders about Muslims, like mosques, should be prohibited from being anywhere near America's new "holy place."

It's the same dynamic that was at work when WW2 Americans interned Japanese Americans in security camps. (Must see movie: "Snow Falling on Cedars"). Guilt by association was at work back then, just as it has been at work since 9-11.

However, as TPM points out today......protesting a mosque close to Ground Zero is just another flimsy excuse to bash Muslims in general. Sister Sarah's guilt by association theme still has a grip on conservative America.

About 25 Muslim families living in and around Sheboygan County are hoping to use a former health food store in the Town of Wilson as a Muslim mosque.

.... The leader of this movement to rezone an existing building for use as a mosque was "Dr. Mansoor Mirza," a local physician, who purchased the old store along with "several others." It didn't take long for national conservatives to catch wind of the idea, and fire up the fearmongering.

"Our research shows that about 7 out of 10 mosques are using materials and teaching things, and calling for jihad, calling for the overthrow of our constitutional republic," Guy Rodgers of Act For America -- a national conservative group currently involved in the protest of the Islamic cultural center in New York -- told a crowd at the First Reformed Church in Sheboygan County, according to WITI.

Next....Staten Island, New York...

Though protests of the Staten Island mosque are at times a bit different than those of the Sheboygan mosque, as WABC-TV reported in June, fear still plays the dominant role:

One of the issues opponents point to was a video, allegedly shot in 2000 that shows one of the Muslim group's leaders at a rally cheering for the terrorist group Hamas. It is a stance he has since denied taking. Here's how fears like that sound at town meetings, according to the New York Times:

"Wouldn't you agree that every terrorist, past and present, has come out of a mosque?" asked one woman who stood up Wednesday night during a civic association meeting.

"We just want to leave our neighborhood the way it is - Christian, Catholic," one local told WCBS-TV last month.

What TPM is pointing out is not new...or even news anymore. Many Americans are still using Sister Sarah's guilt by association policy to bash ALL Muslims.

And THAT has nothing to do with oh-so-sensitive-and-patriotic fee-fees being bruised by the placement of a mosque close to Ground Zero.

It has to do with bigotry.

Update on my Glenn Beck-incites murder post of this week:

If you read my post about Beck inciting violence by demonizing the obscure Tides group...and you took need to read this.



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