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MSNBC President Kneels Before Fox

By The Reverend Published: November 6, 2010

MSNBC has a history of firing their liberal stars. Phil Donohue told Sean Hannity what happened to him in February, 2003....and why it happened....

SEAN HANNITY (co-host): What happened at MSNBC?

DONAHUE: Well, we were the only antiwar voice that had a show, and that, I think, made them very nervous. I mean, from the top down, they were just terrified. We had to have two conservatives on for every liberal. I was counted as two liberals.


HANNITY: You were the highest-rated show on the network.

DONAHUE: Yes. And we were told to leave.

Just in case there are doubters about why the anti-Iraq war Phil Donohue was fired by MSNBC just before George W. Bush launched his criminal attack of this....

Soon after the show's cancellation reported it had received a copy of an internal NBC memo that stated Donahue should be fired because he would be a "difficult public face for NBC in a time of war".

MSNBC fired the host of it's most highly rated program in February 25, 2003 (some two weeks before Bush's Iraq crime began) because Donohue spoke out against Bush's war of choice, something which the network brass considered to be "a difficult public face for NBC in a time of war."

GE, parent company to NBC and MSNBC, is America's number one recipient of defense contracting money.

Make no mistake....GE, or NBC, or MSNBC has every right to fire who-the-hell-ever they want to when-the-hell-ever they want to fire them.

At the same time, there is no wiggle room in the fact that MSNBC fired Phil Donohue just before the U.S. attacked Iraq, because Donohue spoke out against Bush's neo-con war. And MSNBC fired Donohue despite the fact that he was MSNBC's top draw.

Why am I bringing this up now?

MSNBC today (yesterday) suspended without pay Keith Olbermann, one of the network's most popular personalities, following the revelation by Politico that he donated to three Democratic congressional candidates and interviewed one of the three without disclosing the donation.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement:

"I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."

Now, MSNBC doesn't give a good goddamn whether Keith donated to congressional candidates because several other MSNBC employees, like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan, have done exactly what Olbermann did, and they were never suspended or fired for doing so.

So, that MSNBC excuse must be dismissed out of hand as so much bullsh*t.

Why fire another highest rated MSNBC program host, then?

MSNBC's president, Phil Griffin, is in some pissing contest with Rupert Murdoch's bastard child, Fox News.

...Fox, (through) parent company, News Corporation, gave $1 million each to the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Governors Association.

Griffin had seized on Fox's donations earlier this year, telling the Times, "Show me an example of us fund-raising." So presented with evidence of Olbermann's donations to Democratic candidates -- even if they are qualitatively and quantitatively different from Fox's corporate donations -- Griffin found himself in an awkward spot.

It's the same dynamic seen in the ACORN injustice, the Shirley Sherrod WTF moment, and the New Black Panthers silliness.

Fox, America's highest rated news channel, bullies other networks into covering the non-stories they cover. Those stories are all meant to advance the Republican Party in some way.....and most Americans now know that advancing the causes of the Republican Party is what Fox does. Fox is not a legitimate news network, but rather the communication arm of the GOP. This, of course, is not breaking news.

Fox taunts their competitors on a regular basis. Those competitors are referred to by Fox talkers as the "liberal lamestream media"....the same "lamestream media" which has been so mean to Sarah Palin and other unqualified GOP politicians. All media, with the exception of Fox and Fox's Wall Street Journal, are part of this fictitious liberal media. The same liberal media who Sister Sarah called "bastards" the other day.

The point is that the other networks don't like being criticized this way by Fox and it's Fiends and so, in MSNBC's case at least, their executives pro-actively attempt to mollify the Fiends....I guess...thinking that Fox will back off their intense bullying.

In summary.....what MSNBC is doing by suspending and possibly firing Keith Olbermann is the same thing centrist Democrats do when bullied and taunted by authoritarian Republicans....rather than fight back in defense of their popular policies, they "move to the center" in the hopes that their authoritarian critics will back off.

Those critics will never back off, and attempts to mollify and appease their sorry, bullying asses will only increase the intensity of the bullying, the taunts and the criticism.

Bullies are to be ignored, not coddled. When ignoring them doesn't quite cut it and the bullying becomes impossible to ignore anymore......then asses must be kicked in self-defense.

It's way past high time for the Fox Network to have it's ass kicked with the facts.



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