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Must Be Knee Pad Alumni Day

By The Reverend Published: September 6, 2007


Akron Beacon Journal opinion page writers Thursday, September, 6, 2007......George Will, David Broder, Robert Samuelson and Maureen Dowd.....veteran beltway elitists all. These four are the opinion makers, the wise, seasoned, D.C. insiders, who form the opinions for all of the unwashed and untrustworthy masses.

It's Thursday, so it must be Knee Pad Alumni day or something.

Let's consider the most "progressive" of those four's comments...shall we?

Maureen Dowd, a fixture in D.C. "journalist" circles, takes on Barak Obama in her opinion piece. I want to show you what passes for serious reasoning and thinking within the Knee Pad camp.

Here's what Obama said that made Maureen's hair go redder.....

''There are a lot of people who have been in Washington longer than me, who have better connections and go to the right dinner parties and know how to talk the Washington talk,'' he told an audience in Manchester(New Hampshire). Link

Comments like this.....which every American in their right mind knows are true....cannot be allowed to stand. Not if the Knee Padders have a say....and they sure as hell do.

Dowd calls that Obama statement a "false note" while at the same time showing us how cute her mind works by saying Barak is a "smooth jazz senator". See how smart she is? Of course, the real reason she says this is because she, herself, goes to those "dinner parties" and talks the "Washington talk". And any criticism of the elites and their practices is strictly off limits. That's what Maureen is upset about. Obama is criticizing her.

Dowd quotes Obama again...

''Now, when the folks in Washington hear me speak, this is usually when they start rolling their eyes, 'Oh, there he goes talking about hope again. He's so naive. He's a hope-peddler. He's a hope-monger.' Well, I stand guilty as charged. I am hopeful about America. Apparently, the pundits consider this a chronic condition, a symptom of a lack of experience.''

Once again, Obama speaks the truth. He wants to bring new hope to a rotted system of insiderism, lies and corruption not only in the federal government, but also within the MSM which alleges to "report" on the government.

So he points to how the Knee Padders criticize him for being naive and inexperienced with all of his 'new hope' talk. Criticism that The Reverend here has heard and read on numerous occasions. Obama states, "I am hopeful about America", but that's not the hope smart and cute Knee Padders, like Dowd, are waiting to hear. Here's the hope she wants to hear about....

I roll my eyes only when my hope is dashed that Obama will boldly take on Hillary, making his campaign more than cameras, mirrors and magazine covers.

This New York Times columnist Knee Padder was hopeful Barak would take on Hillary in a real cat/dog fight. That's her hope. That hope is a self-serving hope. Hoping that Obama would create some sparks of insignificance, really, so she could write more cute stuff about it. Just as she, and many other wearers of knee protection, did 8 years ago to Al Gore. Trivial, vapid and insignificant stuff, to be sure, but that was Maureen's hope anyway.

Dowd goes on...

Obama doesn't understand that his new approach obliquely attacking Hillary by dismissing ''those who tout their experience working the system in Washington'' cedes ground to her by admitting she has more experience working the system.

To Dowd, "working the system" in Washington is not a criticism at all. To Dowd, Obama's obvious indictment of Washington insiderism, is actually a compliment directed towards Clinton. Because, to Dowd, Washington insiderism "working the system" is a good thing. It's what Dowd does herself. To her that's a strength.

This is what Dowd wants to hear from Obama.....

As one of the Washington pundits Obama scorns put it, with a grin: ''That's why you have two hands, one to graciously greet your opponents and one to stick the shiv in.''

Insiderist column writers, like Dowd, know more stuff about how everything works inside Washington politics than the simple folk. She, like so many other talking head pundits, believe the political fight between candidates is what's important. Important stuff like Obama's middle name, or the fact that he smokes, or his physique. Just like when Maureen told all of us about the world threatening implications of Al Gore's "earthtones".

Evidence of "sticking the shiv in" is what Knee Padders wait for anxiously. Not so much, you know, evidence or details about foreign and domestic policy, or problem solving concepts, or any of that boring, unfunny stuff. Hell, readers don't want that. And the Knee Padders know that.

The one death knell that can be struck in any politican's run for office is the death knell of criticism of the Washington elitists. Maureen Dowd is a charter member in good standing. When elitists hear the sound, as Dowd did with Obama's "folks in Washington" "going to the right dinner parties" and "talk(ing) the Washington talk" comments, all hell breaks loose in there tiny, insider, minds... because if there's one thing that can never be criticized without full punishment it's criticism of the Knee Pad Media.

Maureen Dowd could have simply culled her column down to one sentence...

'Those who scorn us Knee Padders deserve our scorn because we, alone, contain all wisdom and knowledge and Barak Obama doesn't appreciate that fact.'



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