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By The Reverend Published: July 30, 2008
President Bush talks with Mayor Don Robart, from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, upon arriving in Cleveland Tuesday July 29, 2008.. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Is this Mayor Robarts or Zell Miller?

Why it is that Americans cannot learn from their own recent history is beyond my comprehension.

The former oilman failure, also known as the current president of the United States, came to Ohio yesterday, to raise campaign money for the incredibly shrinking Republican Party. While raising money to bolster the GOP Titantic, Bush took the time to review the Republican mythology concerning oil and energy.

Naturally, as myths go, there were many references to those bad, bad Democrats....who just won't allow Big Oil to help out Americans in their time of need. You see, in the Republican Father Goose Legends, America can be completely independent from foreign oil if only Big Oil is unleashed in North America unfettered by any stinking laws.

"''We've got an energy problem here,'' he said. ''It's not the lack of energy. It's because there's law that prohibits us from finding that energy or getting that energy.''

Hey, fables are a fun escape every now and then.....but at some point the myths have to be set's what a May, 2008 analysis by the Bush Energy Information Administration came up with....

"The opening of the ANWR 1002 Area to oil and natural gas development is projected to increase domestic crude oil production starting in 2018 [emphasis added]." Link

In 2007, the same Bush EIA reported...

"The projections in the [Outer Continental Shelf] OCS access case indicate that access to the Pacific, Atlantic, and eastern Gulf regions would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030. Link

Setting aside the implied falsehood, by Mr. Myth and Minny Myth McCain, that drilling everywhere will have any affect now on consumer pricing......the best estimates, even if we set up offshore rigs everywhere and punched holes everywhere in ANWR, are for about 2 years worth of domestic supply. And even that oil would be subject to the world market and would not be reserved, in any way, for only U.S. consumption. Literally.....a drop in the ocean.

So much for Republican legends.

Once is how we managed to snatch failure over foreign oil dependency from the jaws of success.....

*The following is not a myth.

"As president, Jimmy Carter installed solar panels atop the White House. He championed coal and nuclear power. He taxed oil company profits. He created the U.S. Department of Energy. He introduced America to ethanol.

Oil imports plummeted during the Carter administration. Renewable energy research skyrocketed. Cars got more miles per gallon of gas.

Today, the United States imports almost twice as much oil as it did during Carter's final year in office. Ethanol, biodiesel, solar and other alternative fuels supply no more energy than they did in 1980.

But Ronald Reagan, with his "morning in America" mantra, won the (1980) election. His administration soon began killing off many of Carter's energy initiatives.

Reagan halved the Energy Department's conservation and alternative fuels budget, according to Hakes. Spending on photovoltaic research dropped by two-thirds.

Reagan's anti-tax, anti-government credo kicked into high gear during his second term. Energy tax credits for homeowners disappeared.

Reagan rolled back fuel-efficiency standards for cars. And, in the summer of 1986, the solar panels atop the White House were taken down. Link

Jimmy Carter handed Reagan an America which had radically reduced it's consumption of oil and it's dependency on foreign oil. Building on the programs of former GOP presidents, Carter helped make a significant difference in oil dependency in a short period. Carter recognized that oil dependency was a national security issue and did something about it. Reagan came into office much like W. came into office......hellbent to reverse his predecessor's successes. As a direct result of this political infantilism.....we are now more dependent on foreign oil than ever before.

That's why Bush, the Younger, yesterday, reached for his Uncle Bushie Tall Tales book.

Nothing raises GOP money faster or puts Americans back to sleep faster.....than a good Tall Tale.



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