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Nauseating Piety

By The Reverend Published: March 20, 2012

W's speech writer and a darling of the Akron Beacon Journal editors, Michael Gerson....

It is extraordinary how far some will go to knit the random scraps and patches of events into the quilt of a narrative. So the Susan B.Komen controversy, resistance to the administration's contraceptive mandate, a stag party joke by Foster Freiss and a cruel epithet from Rush Limbaugh somehow add up to a Republican war on women, sure to provoke the political backlash of an entire gender.

It is extraordinary that a conservative Christian apologist, like Gerson, could have missed those 94 separate red-state-passed bills last year which limited a woman's legal right to choose. Don't you think that oversight is extraordinary?

You would think that in any opinion piece pretending to be objective about charges by progressives of a conservative war on women, the writer would include a reference to the 94 2011 state laws, the most ever in one year, limiting a woman's legal right to an abortion.

But, sadly, Gerson doesn't care about reality-based facts. He defends conservativism, and Christianity....that's his job....and the Beacon editors seem to think that's good enough for their readers.

Starting out with an entirely bogus premise is a well-used tactic by writers who are seeking to defend the totally indefensible.

Gerson acts as if the debate over the Susan B. Komen Foundation and their announcement to defund Planned Parenthood, and their later announcement negating their original announcement...Catholic Bishop complaints over offering contraception to non-church, female employees, funny man Foster Freiss and his one-joke wonder, and the 3 day use of the word "slut" by Mr. Conservative in describing a 30 year old female Georgetown student......have all been just random patches of non-related scraps ridiculously quilted together by wild-eyed liberals into some hodge-podge narrative which concludes that Republicans and conservatives are conducting a politcal war against women and women's rights.

The funny thing is....not funny haha, funny as in that all those individual scraps and patches which Michael Gerson suggests progressives have patched together in an extraordinary fashion to come up with the conclusion they have come up with....are all related to the same single topic.

Conservative efforts to limit the reproductive rights and choices of women in America.

The Komen discussion was over what? Whether Komen would continue to help fund Planned Parenthood. Some new Komen VP was offended by the 3% of PP's services which went for legal abortion....and so announced (later retracted) that they were ending their funding of PP. By their efforts, so many Republican politicos and their media slaves....was trying to financially damage Planned Parenthood, an invaluable provider of reproductive health care services to millions of women.

What were the Catholic Bishops bitching about? Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I'm sure it was over Obama including no co-pay, preventative contraception prescriptions for women in federal health insurer exchange plans. This "debate", though misdirected into some pious claim over consciences, was over contraception and a woman's access and right to affordable contraception.

What was funny man Foster Freiss' joke to Andrea Mitchell about? Contraception.....and women's access to contraception.

And how about El Rushbo? What was the kernel of the story which motivated the defacto leader of the Republican Party to degrade Sandra Fluke for 3 straight days? Well, what do you know, was contraception....again.

So, Mr. Gerson, it surely looks to me like Republican attempts to deny or limit women's access to contraception and/or abortion IS the narrative. Limiting women's access to affordable contraception and limiting women's access to legal abortion IS the narrative.

And far from liberals floundering franticly around looking for stray conservative scraps to hastily and carelessly patch together, forcing some bogus narrative where none exists.....limiting women's access to contraception and legal abortion, and humiliating women with new unnecessary ultrasound restrictions before allowing women to have an abortion....are all part of the same concerted conservative political war against reproductive-age women.

That IS the narrative.

Pastor Gerson goes on, after stating his entirely bogus premise, to suggest John Locke was bigoted against Roman Catholics and blah, blah, historical cul-de-sac, blah.....religious liberty, blah, blah.....but none of it means a thing in the context of the article.

The facts here are not really that difficult to understand. Republicans, conservatives....Michael Gerson....have aligned themselves politically with the faith-basers. Movement conservatism must align itself with the faith-basers in order to stay electorally viable. After all....there's only so many voters in the top 1%.

Fundamentalist faith-basers worship a god who relegates women to second class status. Women are the temptresses, they are unclean, they must subordinate their lives to their male husbands, they must keep quiet in church, they are too inferior to serve as priests....and on and on I could go.

Fundamentalist religion has had a war going against women for at least 6 millenium. Now, because of political expediency, fundamentalist religion's faith-based war against women has become the Republican Party's war as well.

So, no....whether it's Komen, or Catholic Bishops, or Funnyman Foster, or the AM Radio Drugster....or 94 GOP state bills to limit a woman's right to choose...there's no liberal patchwork, no wild knitting of unrelated or incongruous talking points by progressives into some "somehow" narrative.

Instead, all of the efforts to limit a woman's access to contraception and abortion are just part of the finely and strategically woven, political whole-cloth blanket that the conservative pious wrap themselves up in anytime an election is near.



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