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NBC's Political News Director

By The Reverend Published: November 23, 2007


Admittedly, I do not care for Chuck Todd, political director for NBC News. He is such a Knee Pad Media putz hack for the elitist-establishment-right media, it's hard for me to warm up to him...or...anything he says. This matters because what he says and thinks as political director for NBC, even though The Reverend knows it's bullsh*t, is still beamed into millions of U.S. households every day.

Here's a bit of Chuckie's "wisdom" from a Wednesday column bizarrely titled "Hillary vs. Clinton"....

The press has a knee-jerk reaction when they hear Bill Clinton speak: They automatically assume they are being spun. His words aren’t merely reported, they are analyzed.

Todd admits Bill Clinton is treated differently by "the press". The press "assumes" Bill Clinton is not being honest when he speaks. Clinton's words are dealt with differently than, say, words from other political for example Junior Bush. Big Head Todd is eager to tell his readers why this is the case.....

This may read like a member of the media admitting to holding Bill Clinton to a different standard. But Clinton did it to himself. In fact, before 1998, I'd be willing to bet I used the word "parsley" in my every day life more often than "parse." But then we had to decipher the meaning of the word “is”...

The answer? It's all because of the Clenis.

You see....for Big Head Chuck Todd, it wasn't until Bill Clinton disputed the meaning of what sex was in answering questions about a civil lawsuit, later to be dismissed, in which Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky and their consensual sexual wasn't until then that the "press" realized that politicians "parsed" words. Before that time, according to NBC's political news director, "journalists", like himself, didn't have to worry their Big Heads about politicians parsing words. You see?....Before 1998 political reporters used the word "parsley" many more times than the word "parse", presumably because before 1998 presidents and political leaders were all candid and entirely truthful, never trying to mislead the press or split political hairs. But in 1998 Bill changed everything. After 1998 politicians could no longer be taken at their word.

This is the kind of thinking that will elevate you to political director of a major news network.

This total stupidity then becomes the basis from which Todd launches off into an even more stupid and, to me at least, dishonest column, attempting to discredit Hillary Clinton. That, of course, is Chuck Todd's larger objective.....and has been for quite awhile.

Ridiculously, NBC's political director, atttempts to persuade readers that, yes, Hillary can make a case that she has experience and will also be an agent of change over against the Bush catastrophe, but that because she's a Clinton, somehow, that is a vulnerability, a weakness.

I've written before that Bill Clinton, no matter how you slice and dice it, is an asset for his wife. How in the bloody hell could it be otherwise? The country will not only benefit from a strong and savvy Hillary as president, but in addition, the country will benefit from having a very popular ex-president by her side.

However, look at how Big Head Todd deals with this subject.... far, a majority of voters don't seem to have a problem with Bill Clinton back in the White House. Voters may be picturing Bill as America's host, or some form of a traditional first lady, er, laddy.

But how will voters react if they know Bill Clinton will be in Cabinet meetings? Or be traveling the country to sell Hillary’s policy proposals? Or head to the Hill to twist arms in Congress? Link

In those few lines can be found the reason why I don't care for Big Head Chuck Todd. He couldn't possibly, in my opinion, be more condescending than he is in those lines. He doesn't know why it is that Americans don't have a problem with "Bill...back in the White House", you know, like he does,..... but suggests that it is because Americans, being the unwashed ignorant masses that they are, at least in Big Head's...umm...head, have just not considered yet what it means for Bill to be back. And you see, Big Head Todd has already thought this all out and is just sooooo many light years ahead in his thinking. Those silly unwashed ignorant masses will just have to catch up with the deep insights of this NBC political news director and then.....they'll change their minds.

" far..", Chuck says.....implying that " a majority of voters" will eventually come to their senses about Bill Clinton's return to the White House in a Hillary win. As if, "a majority of voters" couldn't possibly have thought out what a Hillary win would mean vis-a-vis her husband. Only the wise sage Big Head Todd is astute enough to have considered the return of Bill.......knee jerk reactive voters?.....they are the little people and they simply respond like plants or single cell life forms because they're not fully formed yet and "in the know", like Big Head.

I can't think of anyone who thinks Bill Clinton, back in the White House, will be "America's host" like an executive branch male version of Martha Stewart. It's just silly. Who the hell thinks like that?

"But how will voters react if they know Bill Clinton will be in Cabinet meetings?"

Umm...Big Head....the voters ARE reacting, knowing that Bill will be totally engaged in all executive branch dealings....and while I know this will make the Big Head sad....most voters are just fine with it. Most voters see it as a plus for America.

And rightfully so.



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