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Neo-Nut Brats Stomping Their Feet

By The Reverend Published: September 10, 2007


Supporters of the neo-conservative war against the Iraqi people have lately been trotting out a gloom and doom scenario if we take U.S. troops out of that country. It's a tired and worn out meme but the neos keep using it and, in fact, have amplified it even more during the expected propaganda build-up to the now galaxy famous, "Petraeus report". The "report", as all hold their breath, will be given this week, the same week, I'm sure only by coincidence, that 9-11 is commemorated.

Neo-conservatives have been suggesting that Armageddon itself will be the result of taking American troops out of the shooting and bombing gallery in Iraq. Predictions, by the same people who went 0% in their previous predictions, of a massive Arab/Muslim takeover of Europe and then America have been bloviated about ad infinitum.

Here are some very appropriate words for those wild-eyed nuts to consider....

Needless to say, this is nonsense. Israel has fought war after war in the Middle East. Result: no regional conflagration. Iran and Iraq fought one of the bloodiest wars of the second half the 20th century. Result: no regional conflagration. The Soviets fought in Afghanistan and then withdrew. No regional conflagration. The U.S. fought the Gulf War and then left. No regional conflagration. Algeria fought an internal civil war for a decade. No regional conflagration.

So where does this bogeyman come from? Hard to say. Probably a deep-seated unwillingness to confront the fact that the United States can't really influence a course of events we originally set in motion. But Iraq is already fighting a civil war, and that civil war will continue whether we stay or go. If we go it will likely become more intense, but also shorter lived. The eventual result, however, will almost certainly be the same: a de facto independent Kurdistan in the north and a Shiite theocracy in the south. The rest of the Middle East will, as usual, watch events unfold without doing much of anything about them, and will accept the inevitable results. The U.S., for its part, will remain in the north to protect Kurdistan, in the east in Afghanistan, in the west in the Mediterranean, and in the south in its bases in the Gulf. We'll hardly be absent from the region. Link

This sounds exactly right to me and keep in mind I was correct about Iraq, not incorrect, like all the very serious acting neo-nut-"children".

Neo-nut Iraq doom and gloomers, those that want to "surge" forever, are no more complex or sophisticated in their thinking than little children who are told no when they demand more candy. They are powerless to make happen what they want to happen and so they go off on wild tirades and tantrums of nonsense, usually with extreme threats attached.

This week as the neo-brats go off on their speculations about Osama taking over the world if we don't keep our troops in harm's way in Iraq, just remember....these same neo-brats have been wrong about everthing and anything to do with Iraq and no matter how much they yell, lie, exaggerate, point fingers and stamp their little neo-brat feet to try to get their way, they're still misguided and immature.....just like spoiled little children throwing tantrums if they're told no.

Congress, up til now brat child enablers, needs to........just tell them no.



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