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Never Has Been About The Spending

By The Reverend Published: April 8, 2011

I have argued until my keyboard keys are worn out that our current crop of Republicans in Washington do not care one whit about government spending....and really never have cared. The same goes for the deficit and the national debt. Talk is cheap and with today's Tea Party inspired talk has been on sale.

Every Republican administration in my lifetime has not only expanded government but has also expanded the deficit. Richard Cheney, the much beloved chicken hawk warmonger of the conservative persuasion, cynically told Paul O'Neil, former Treasury Secretary under Bush, the Younger, that "deficits don't matter...Reagan proved that."

Just three months ago, the same Tea Party inspired Republicans who will see to it that the federal governmnet closes later today, held the American governmental process hostage until President Obama agreed to add another $2 trillion to the national debt in the form of tax cuts primarily going to the top 5%.

The Republican Party, the same people who continually voted to double the national debt under their Commander Guy a few short years ago, are currently in the middle of the biggest confidence scam the country has ever witnessed. Using the outrageously dishonest pretext of cutting government spending, deficits and debt....the GOP is attempting to force their radicalized, 19th century version of what America should look like......down our throats.

You've probably heard about the policy "riders" which Republican extremists have made into a huge barrier to a compromise which would keep the government open. Those "riders" are a stereotypical social conservative wish list.... everything that the majority of Americans have repeatedly rejected over the past 50 years as too extreme and out of touch with a modern world.

The policy disputes involved a handful of provisions. One would greatly limit financing for Planned Parenthood and other family-planning agencies — in the United States and overseas — and prevent the District of Columbia from using its own tax dollars to help poor women pay for abortions.

Also at issue were measures that would restrict the regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency, a favorite target of Republicans since they took over the House this year, by preventing the agency from enforcing significant portions of the Clean Air Act and regulating carbon emissions.

Read 'em and weep for your country. A minority of faith-based social conservatives have willingly joined forces with the worst of corporate-sponsoring henchmen to playact as though they really, really, really give a damn about government spending.....when all they care about is their theological-oligarchy kingdom. A kingdom where the rich get richer, women's lives are ruled over by men in black robes and the environment is destroyed for the sake of filthy Jesus intended.

The federal government will shut down later today. 800,000 Americans will lose their jobs in an 8.8% national unemployment environment......BECAUSE.....a minority of theo-cons want to dictate what women can and cannot do with their private parts. The "smaller government" slogan slingers are preventing the Armed Forces members from getting paid all because poor women in Washington D.C. currently have access to abortion services, and all reproductive age women have access to birth control.

National Parks and recreation centers will be shuttered later today because huge corporate titans, like the Koch Brothers, are not currently able to foul our atmosphere as they wish. The IRS will stop processing paper tax returns later today all because the EPA currently prevents the full-metal-jacket destruction of the air we breathe and the water we drink. The agency which guarantees 30% of all home mortgages, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), will quit working after today unless the Supreme Court rescinds it's ruling that the EPA can control carbon emissions.

All of what we've been hearing, reading and watching.....all the posing, lies, deceptions, and doubletalking we've seen and heard....all of it....has nothing whatsoever to do with cutting government spending or closing budget holes.

Instead, we're witnessing the grotesque ugliness of today's conservative movement gone to seed. The desperate and extortionistic last stand of a political group which has nothing to offer to a modern American civilization. Nothing, that is, but hate, division, greed, xenophobia, and the destructive exploitation of all that is valuable.

The day after the midterm election I wrote a blog posting entitled "Turn Out The Lights."

Later today.....Tea Party Republicans are flipping the switch.



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