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New & Improved Granny Starving

By The Reverend Published: March 13, 2013

"More of a political document than an economic document" said Mrs. Allan Greenspan on MSNBC yesterday, describing Wunderkind Paul Ryan's release of his same-old, new budget.

"....this is more of a political document than an economic document, which these budgets usually are. They (the budgets) let Americans know where the party stands, and that's why I look forward to the Democrats putting their budget on the House floor, on the Senate floor for the first time in four years. Then, we can have the debate", said former GOP congressman, Joe Scarborough.

I'll get to Ryan's 2013 edition of granny-starving in a minute......but many times have you heard the complaint from Republicans that 'ZOMG, the Senate Democrats haven't passed a budget in four years?' A hundred times? A thousand? More?

First.....the Democrats in the Senate haven't passed a budget in four years because it takes 60 votes to pass a budget. As we know, Senate Republicans filibuster all Democratic bills.....and even though it is true that Senate Democrats could pass a budget resolution with only 51 votes.....that budget resolution could not be passed in the form of an actual binding budget bill unless there were 60 or more votes for it in the upper chamber. is also true that the Budget Control Act of 2011, passed in a bipartisan vote, actually set discretionary spending levels moving forward.

The Economist editor concludes.....

So yes, the Senate could pass a budget resolution, but without the cooperation of the house or 60 votes, that resolution would not take effect; it would be an empty gesture.

"empty gesture", says The Economist. "this is more of a political document than an economic one," says Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell.

Republicans have scolded Senate Democrats...........a million times.....over not producing a "political document." I hope this helps in understanding the pitiful and pathetic bitching from the fact-free zone which is the conservative movement of the 21st century. Republicans could give a damn whether Senate Democrats offer up a serious budget plan.....because Republicans don't care about a budget, per se.....they only care about a "political document," as Morning Blow clearly stated.

Now to the new and improved Six-pack-enhanced, granny starving....I mean, "political document",....explaining how Republicans plan to starve granny....and gramps....and veterans, and poor people, and students...and everyone who is not spectacularly wealthy already. Remember, Paul Ryan's 2013 budget is simply and only a "political document" none of it has to add up, make sense or even present itself as credible.

Because A.M. Blow on MSNBC assured us that congressional budgets were but "political documents"......something akin to toilet tissue.....we cannot expect Ryan's "political document" to be credible, factual, or even reasonable. And indeed, it isn't.

Ryan was asked this morning by CNBC's Larry Kudlow about his budget provision to repeal Obamacare in it's entirety...

Kudlow: You've got-- you've got a 10-year balanced budget. How much of that comes from repealing-- Obamacare?.....if you don't get it this year, the likelihood of getting repealed this year is very, very, very low. Does it blow a hole in your 10-year budget?

Ryan: Sure, it blows a hole in your budget, because it's-- it calls for continuing the spending. But what is a budget? A budget is our vision for how we should fix this country's fiscal problems. And a key part of that vision is we don't take over-- have a government takeover of health care.

What is a budget anyway but a political vision?

Early on Paul Krugman rightly called the first Ryan budget a fraud. A plan which wasn't a plan. A grab bag of GOP wishful thinking....or as Newty put it..."right wing social engineering"...which not only did not add up mathematically, but was hated and rejected by a strong majority of Americans.

However, you with Morning Blow and Six Pack Abs making it abundantly clear that budgets are, in fact, bullshite on paper....."political documents" and/or "visions".....and really should never be taken, you know, verbatim seriously....Krugman probably owes Paul Ryan an apology. Hard to accuse someone of fraud when they're just basically f**king around and not being Ryan, this morning, claimed he's been doing.

What does Ryan's 2013 "political document" contain? Along with stopping 30+ million Americans from getting health insurance by rescinding all of Obamacare (something that Republicans have tried in the House some 30 times already)....Ryan's plan privatizes Medicare, block grants Medicaid, slashes food stamps and aid to veterans, the vulnerable and the needy....and at the same time....cuts tax rates on America's richest by more than a third. Yes, Ryan proposes cutting income tax rates on the wealthiest from 39.6% down to 25%.

Oh , and favorite, make all federal lands available for not just oil drillers...but coal mining as well. Imagine, coal mining at Yellowstone....what could be more American than that, huh?

But not to worry.....budgets are nothing but "political documents" and crackpipe-induced "visions".....unless Senate Democrats refuse to pass one,'s dereliction of duty and incompetence.

Truly, the nation is doomed.



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