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No Country For Old Men Who Speak The Truth

By The Reverend Published: May 28, 2008

Over the past dozen years or so empirical data, scientific evidence, and basic truth have all fallen out of favor inside America. I don't really know why. Perhaps it's because of post modernist thinking, that there is no absolute truth about anything, influencing the U.S. population more than I had previously imagined. Perhaps it's because of criminal minded politicos regarding truth as something to be avoided at all costs. Perhaps it's because of "faith basers" whose faith is opposed to scientific truth. Whatever the explanation might be.....last week's media story about Jimmy Carter and Israel's nuclear weapons spotlights this odd phenomenon once again.

First, the Carter-Israel nukes story.....

The Israelis have never confirmed they have nuclear weapons, but this has been widely assumed since a scientist leaked details in the 1980s.

Mr Carter gave the figure for the Israeli nuclear arsenal in response to a question on US policy on a possible nuclear-armed Iran, arguing that any country newly armed with atomic weapons faced overwhelming odds.

"The US has more than 12,000 nuclear weapons; the Soviet Union (sic) has about the same; Great Britain and France have several hundred, and Israel has 150 or more," he said.

"We have a phalanx of enormous capabilities, not only of weaponry but also of rockets to deliver every one of those missiles on a pinpoint accuracy target." Link

The truth about Israel's possession of nukes hasn't been a classified secret....

While Israel has never officially announced the existence of its nuclear arsenal, it was a subject of widespread speculation until it was confirmed by the courageous whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu in 1986 (count 'em -- that's 22 years ago). For his efforts, Vanunu was kidnapped by the Mossad in Italy when Robert Maxwell tipped them off. He spent 18 years in Israeli prisons, including over 11 years in solitary confinement.

Vanunu's information has been widely discussed and reported in the press around the world, and a paper at the website of the Federation of American Scientists -- written by one C. F. Barnaby and published in June of 2004 -- concludes from information provided by Vanunu that the Israelis produced enough material at Dimona for some 150 nuclear weapons. Link

Truth. Not classified, not a secret for AT LEAST twenty-two years.

Carter spoke of Israel's capabilities in the context of answering a question about Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon and he was "arguing that any country newly armed with atomic weapons faced overwhelming odds."

All true.

While I'm accustomed to shrill comments online and very accustomed to the Limbaugh style "I want violence in Denver" and Hillary style "assassination could happen" communication practices of those who would do anything to keep their group in power.....I WAS taken aback by the bloodlust, hatred and wishes of death or murder upon the former president Jimmy Carter for stating the truth.

A few examples....

This blog post..

Jimmy Carter Shocks World & Announces Israel's Nuke Count

America's worst president strikes again...

It's a known fact that Jimmy Carter is not a fan of Israel but to release this kind of information is very troubling- even for a Democrat. Link

Stating that already-released, truthful information is "troubling".

Rather mild commenter....

"Carter is not just a flake anymore...... He's turned into a dangerous idiot roaming the world and causing damage to the West, but especially to America and Israel."

Not so mild commenter, just wondering.....

150? Wonder if one is carefully aimed at Marrieta, Georgia?

Naaah ... Israel has no quarrel with the good people of Marrieta.

Besides, they won't need to target Marrieta ... after all, there's a good chance Mr. Carter will be sitting in a primary bullseye anyway ... trying to salvage something resembling "peace" from the thugs who have used him like a designer label on a cheap, dirty shirt ... when the balloon finally goes up.

To a bit of a WTF comment suggesting that one hundred-fifty Israel nukes is not enough....

Given that any nuclear weapons stockpile, in any state, will include weapons of widely varying weapon-loads, from a very low-yield tactical level [as in a 150 mm Medium Artillery tube, or a 205 mm Heavy Artillery tube ] upwards, that would be very far from an overwhelming Israeli capacity.
And even if dispersed across the very many nuclear and other offensive targets in Iran, including rocket launch sites, nuclear and missile research centers, uranium enriching and mining sites, plutonium plants, air bases, etc, many of which are now very heavily hardened, including some being sited inside deep mountains, or tunnels, or within very heavily hardened sites, even up to 150 possible warheads of widely varying capacity, would seem very far from decisive - not least given that other genocidal enemies may also emerge, sooner or later, and no Israeli Government could ever afford to exhaust all their defensive capacity in confronting just one genocidal threat. Link

To comments of hope.....hoping for Carter's death....

I hope one is aimed at a peanut farm in Plains, Ga. Link

To comments drooling for Carter's death....a cause for great celebration.....

When Carter dies I'm going to take a nice crystal wine goblet and dip the rim in peach schnappes. Then I am going to dip the rim in coarse salt and let it dry. Then I'm going to fill that fine wine goblet about 2/3's full of a very fine champagne, and top it off with freshly squeezed orange juice. When my Mimosa is just like I want it, I'm going to kick my shoes off and light up a fine cigar.

That's what ALL fine Southern ladies do when something wonderful happens here in Georgia. You know how it is! Football season kickoff, Saddam Hussein's capture, death of an American traitor . Link

To...finally... this.....

I am sorry but he easily offends me at every turn. Jimmy Carter is not only the worst U.S. President of the 20th Century he is also the worst former President ever. On that basis I will go out on a limb and say that he was the worst President of any nation at any time who was not executed by its citizens. Link

Speaking truth, apparently, is no longer acceptable in today's America. Instead....speaking truth now in America is cause for provocation to violence.

Just as the truth of Obama's successful Democratic candidacy was dismissed by Mr. Oxycontin because Mr. Oxycontin wanted to see "violence in Denver".....just as the truth of Obama's imminent Democratic nomination led to Hillary's "anything can happen, even assassination" too, the truth of Israel's nuclear weapons is responded to with threats of violence directed towards the ex-president who dares to speak the words.

Today's responding more and more to truth with threats of violence.

For some reason.....I'm thinking this is not a good thing.



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