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No Hope From The Pope

By The Reverend Published: April 18, 2008


That's right......another post on Pope Benedict.

After observing the almost surrealism of the scenes shown on Knee Pad teevee over the last couple of days while Benedict visited America to bolster business inside the western hemisphere,.....I couldn't help but add a few of my own Reverend perspectives.

The Pope was kind enough to allow his own Holiness to come into contact with a few of the victims of the Pope's parent company representatives in the representatives who have a proclivity towards child rape.

How did the Pope help these victims and their families?

....the Boston area, viewed as the seat of the widespread scandal, which involved 12,000 children and teenagers who were violated by 5,000 priests in Catholic parishes nationwide.

''They prayed with the holy father, who afterward listened to their personal accounts and offered them words of encouragement and hope,'' said the Rev. Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman.

''His holiness assured them of his prayers for their intentions, for their families and for all victims of sexual abuse.''

The pontiff prayed with and "offered...words of encouragement and hope." Pious sounding, I'm sure. But are prayer and words the only help victims can expect from the Vicar of the Son of God on Earth?

Terry McKiernan, president of of Massachusetts said the pope needs to act like a responsible manager and start removing bishops who knowingly covered up child abuse — including those who might have sat on the field during Thursday's Mass.

''Pope Benedict is in no position to lecture us about moral dignity when his bishops are doing these things. He has to put his own house in order,'' McKiernan said.

Well now....prayers and words of encouragement are fine and dandy and all...but co-conspirators still serving His Holiness' international business interests and in fact, there on the Washington National's field participating in the pomp and ceremony??? " position to lecture us about moral authority...".....what an understatement.

However, to those Pope loving Catholic parishioners.....nothing, not even an organized cover up of 5000 pedophile priests who had molested and raped boys for decades, could dampen the totally disattached-from-reality enthusiam and fervor for Papa.....

....hundreds of priests in red, white and black robes on the field and thousands of worshippers waving gold-and-white papal flags from the stands.

''It brought me directly to heaven today,'' said Monica Greenberg, 66, of Washington,

Attorney and author Robert Bennett appearing on MSNBC yesterday spoke of meeting with Pope Benedict for a couple of hours. According to Bennett, the Pope acted as though he, after 6 years of the pedophilia scandal involving his employees, "didn't know the whole story". Bennett said he presented information to His Holiness that "he had never heard of".

This is not credible. Not in the 21st century. Not after 6 long years since the story broke into the public. A horrible story that Catholic leadership knew about for a very long time. His Holiness sounded a bit like His Deciderness who just never knew about any leak in his White House when his very own personal Dick had ordered the entire crime behind the leak.

"Many of the bishops forgot they were pastors of a flock", Bennett stated. They acted more like "risk assessment officers for an insurance company". Chris Matthews asked, "did they (bishops) sympathize more with the priests than with the boys?" Bennett responded, "that was clearly the evidence." A "protective shield was put around the priests", the author/lawyer said.

Now imagine with me....if the Nationwide Insurance Company was found to have within it's employ 5000 sales representatives who had raped or molested 12,000 underage boys over a period of years. Imagine further that the company, when the scandal broke, assessed the financial risk, put a protective shield around their business agents, rejected the victims accounts choosing instead to accept the testimony of the perpetrators, moved culpable cover-up regional representatives overseas keeping them employed and then basically hunkering down against the storm of protests and litigation.

And then imagine, 6 years later.....the CEO of Nationwide sitting down with a few victims of this organized criminal racket and "praying" with them and offering them words of "encouragement".....while perpetrators of the cover-up continued on with their normal business duties.

I suggest that, in my imaginative account, the insurance company would have been legally forbidden from doing any further business in this country. The agents and their cover-up bosses would have been sent to prison. The RICO Act would have been imposed....and the company officials would have been charged with organized crime. The company dismantled.

The only reason the Catholic Church gets special treatment and His Holiness can appear in America 6 years later accompanied by all the ceremonial nonsense, regalia, pomp, and colorful ritual.....and not be handcuffed and taken into because Americans defer to religion. They shouldn't.....but they do. Outward appearances of piety and ritualistic ceremonies still dazzle the unwashed masses. Ostentatious displays and high-ritual mumbo-jumbo can still trump thousands of accounts of despicable child rape. Religion poisons everything.

Like I've said.....religion is a form of mental illness.



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