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No, It's Not About The Fee-Fees

By The Reverend Published: August 17, 2010

First, sensitivities replaced America's rule of law in the non-issue of an Islamic Center in Manhattan.

Yes...maybe....New York Muslims had the right.....but was it the right thing to do? That seemed to be the early "argument" by conservatives and Republicans who didn't want to seem too xenophobic, too early, as they worked to scare voters into coming out in November.

It was all about the fee-fee's. The conservative Americans who strapped up their boots tight.....and by god, those little cowpokes strapped 'em up all by themselves.....weren't concerned about their own feelings (fee-fee's) when it came to the so-called, controversial Islamic Center to be constructed a few blocks from Ground Zero. Heavens no.

It was all about the insensitivities of those hardened Muslims who seemed intent on poking the eyes of 9-11 victims families by going ahead with their plans, years in the making, to build an Islamic Center. Conservatives were oh-so-worried about the fee-fee's of 9-11 victims' families being bruised by having an Islamic Center a couple of blocks, around the corner, and out of eyesight from the 9-11 Memorial.

That is now, this was then...

"You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims’ families. It took me about a year. Um, and I had such compassion for them and I really, you know, I wanted to help them, and I was behind — let’s give them money, let’s get them started, and all of this stuff. And I really didn’t — all the 3,000 victims’ families, I don’t hate all of them, I hate about, probably about ten of them. But when I see 9/11 victim family, you know, on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh, shut up.’ I’m so sick of them. Because they’re always complaining. And we did our best for them. And again, it’s only about ten."

Do you see how sensitive Glenn Beck was about hurting the feelings of 9-11 victims' families back then? At the time, those insensitive 9-11 families were asking questions and demanding answers about 9-11 from George Bush. For Beck, that was just too far for 9-11 families to go. Those 9-11 families were not acting sufficiently sensitive to our great war president's fee-fee's. You know, war presidents have fee-fee's too.

After 9-11, Beck was simply speaking for those many very sensitive Republicans whose president, they thought, was under attack from non-sensitive liberals and 9-11 families who were then demanding a Commission to attempt to find out how 9-11 could have happened.

That, you see, was being insensitive towards Commander Guy. Bruised his fee-fee's, dontcha' know. Glenn Beck had to "start hating" those question-asking 9-11 families in defense of his president's oh-so-tender-and-sensitive fee-fee's. Asking hard questions was, in essence, according to Republican and conservative opponents of a 9-11 Commission, just an attempt to damage the reputation of the Decider in some desperate and insensitive political stunt.

But, those who "took about a week to start hating 9-11 families" are now going to the mat over the sensitivities, 9 years removed, of those same 9-11 families. Change of heart, perhaps?

Or, maybe, it's just a change in the presidency.

Republicans, and their hordes of defenders in conservative media, didn't care about the fee-fees of 9-11 families back in 2002. What they cared about was the success, and eventual reelection, of the Codpieced One. That's why, initially, Beck and others talked the way they did about 9-11 families. That's why Bush and Cheney, initially, opposed a 9-11 Commission.

Now those same Republicans, those same hordes in conservative media, care only about contributing to the failure of Democrats this November, and the possible defeat in 2012, of a Democratic president.

This "story" isn't about anyone's isn't even about Muslims having the perfect right to do what they're doing in Manhattan. This "story", like the Arizona hellhole of immigrant violence "story", isn't a story, at all.

It's a political ploy by desperate Republicans hellbent to create as many phony sh*t storms as possible leading up to November.

Am I concerned that saying that will bruise the tender fee-fees of Republicans and conservatives?

Not in the least.



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