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No More Republican Presidents?

By The Reverend Published: October 1, 2012

Folks on the conservative right, feeling that the presidential election is slipping away from their candidate, are now desperately searching for an emotional Wednesday night's debate. Talk of "zingers" and Mr. Romney's debating prowess fill the cable "news" shows like so many magpies chattering on a back fence.

Perhaps Mr. Romney will dazzle the first debate audience with his hip coolness. Maybe on Wednesday night Mr. Romney will finally break out of that elitist turtle shell of his...maybe Americans will discover that the former Bain Capital CEO worth a quarter of a, really, deep down,....just like us. Maybe Mitt's coolness will even out-cool Barack Obama.

And maybe, on Wednesday evening, pigs will start flying.

For conservative and Republican folks who might be finding themselves drifting off into wishful-thinking-land over presidential debates and defective and biased presidential polling...let me repeat what Samuel L. Jackson said in a video recently.....wake the eff up.

Mitt Romney, bless his heart, is the absolute worst GOP candidate....ever. The only reason Mr. Romney won the GOP primaries in the first place is because of the horrendous quality of the rest of his primary opponents. Which, in itself, is a testament to the approaching expiration date of the Grand Old Party.

Ask yourself this question.....will a Mitt debate "win" wipe out an 8-10 point Obama lead in Ohio? Will one of Mitt Romney's "zingers" reverse the GOP candidate's lowly 14.9% chance of taking the White House? Will a perfect debate performance by an, up-til-now, clutzy, bumbling campaign negate the downward-spiraling effect of Mitt's "47%" moment?

When the dust clears on November 7th, die-hard conservatives will be looking to blame someone, or something, for their political party's defeat. Romney will be blamed for not being conservative enough. Romney will be blamed for not taking it to the Kenyan like Newtie, or ElRushbo, would have.

Conservatives will point to the failures of McCain, and soon, Romney, to, you know, call a spade a spade. Half of today's Republican voters want their presidential candidate to talk nasty about their questionably-American opponent. Alas, they will say on November 7th, if only Mitt Romney, or John McCain before him, would have hatefully, yet "truthfully", blasted Barack Hussein Obama for the America-destroying, Muslim-loving, gay-embracing, socialist enforcer that he is....the election outcome would have been different.

Many conservative voters, as we're already hearing, will blame the "lamestream, liberal-leaning media." If only the media wasn't in the bag for Obama...they'll tell themselves. If only Obama would have been properly "vetted" THIS time.

Many conservative voters will try to console one another in defeat. They will pass the Tea-pipe around in their post-election grief-counseling sessions.....hoping to regain that high they experienced when they donned Tri-cornered hats draped with Teabags and carried all those "Don't Tread On Me" flags one month after the Imposter was inaugurated. They will yearn for those Town Hall Bust-up Days when righteously-indignant Patriots tried desperately and defiantly to prevent 30 million Americans from gaining access to health insurance. They will longingly point to the long-ago 2010 Tea Party midterm win and, once again, after yet another presidential loss, insist that the majority of America is still on their side.

When Republican voters wake on November 7th and find that Obama is still president, Democrats still control the Senate, and the House is virtually dead even.....they should begin asking themselves if all their TEA-Bungling, all their obstructionism, all their stubborn refusals to compromise, all their efforts to lie and deceive in order to make Obama "a one term president"....were really worth it.

But they won't.

After telling their constituents that "voter fraud" and mainstream media handed Obama a second term,....with perhaps an assist from the now-non-existent ACORN....Republicans and their make-believe-media pets will remount their political hamster wheel-to-nowhere. Gridlock and obstruction will return to D.C. the first week of January, 2013...I guess, because it worked out so well for Republicans the previous four years.

Finally, for Republicans and conservatives who may be pre-emptively tasting the bitterness of a fast-approaching general election loss......let me share with you the really, really bad news.

In 2016, when Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in a landslide and is re-elected in 2020.....and when in 2024, if not before, the once-deeply-red state of Texas turns Democratic because of the ever-increasing Hispanic demographic.....will America still be a center-right nation?




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