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Not Amnesty Silly, Immunity

By The Reverend Published: March 4, 2008

While we're waiting for the primary results....let's have a bit of fun with those wild and crazy Bush people.

First an overview...

The Congress, currently corrupt to the gills as they represent their constituencies in big business, their only constituency, about to return the nation's oversight of the executive branch back to pre-1978 days. And while they are doing this behind the curtain of the front page primary coverage, because they are brave patriots full of courage, they are going to throw in "get out of accountability" cards for all complicit, yet patriotic, co-conspirators who helped with the Bush crimes.

The telcos, rife with an army of high priced attorneys, shouldn't be held responsible for conspiring with the executive branch in the wholesale vacuuming up of American's private information. That's how Congress will eventually "see it" when they vote with the president.

Starting in February of 2001, months before the Towers fell, the Bush/Cheney regime began violating 30 year old FISA laws. Laws that no other president had any problem obeying. Laws that were obeyed by all presidents during the nation's most dangerous period. A period in which dozens of nuclear tipped missiles were aimed at the Heartland by the Soviets.

The Soviets were the most dangerous threat America has ever withstood, making box cutter carriers look like simpletons in comparison. Yet, no president during that time simply violated FISA laws, at will, seeking to justify the violation, the crime, by saying our enemies were just too dangerous for us to be obeying laws anymore.

Remember this one point before we laugh at another Bushie. To this day, Americans still do not know the extent of Bush/Cheney lawbreaking in the area of spying on Americans without warrrants. The sole purpose for the longest of the Bush tantrums is to keep the extent of the lawlessness secret. If Congress doesn't give telcos a pass on crime, then those nagging lawsuits will go forward.....and eventually Bush's badness will be exposed in all it's ugliness.

It's all about Georgie.

Now the quote of the day....

Kenneth Wainstein, assistant attorney general for national security, said at the same meeting that key issues surrounding the legislation had been hashed out in a "long and tedious" but "healthy" process, aimed at updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).


"This is not amnesty," Wainstein said at the meeting. "This is targeted immunity" for companies who meet requirements specified in the Senate bill that include having received an attorney general's certification that their assistance was determined to be lawful. Link

I don't know if you have noticed over the last, I don't know, 7 years or words no longer have any meaning. Have you noticed that at all? I realize crazy guys like me have been attempting to point this word stuff out...but you know, I'm crazy.

This bill Wainstein is warbling about is called, and with a straight face mind you, the Protect America Act. The purpose of the bill is to keep George W. Bush protected from being held accountable to law.....and so, rightfully, should be called the Protect George W. Bush Act....but Congress, in their brilliance, prefers giving bills names that suggest the OPPOSITE of what they really are.

Some might suggest language like this is Orwellian. However, all that those brave and courageous patriots in D.C. are really doing is a bit of remedial English, don't you think? Kind of a crash course on antonyms. Perhaps it's part of the Education President's, No Congressperson Left Behind, effort. Gotta' keep those representatives up to par on word meanings and usage and all that...or hell, they won't pass the Corporate Standarized Testing, and thus will fall behind on campaign contributions. Talk about fear.

I find the parsing, oops did I say parsing?....I meant...I find the explanation by Wainstein to be quite entertaining. Immunizing criminally complicit mega-telcos is not God. According to Wainstein, if complicit telcos hadn't received a letter from Abu Gonzales certifying that the crime that they were about to commit, was legal.....then "immunizing" them from prosecution could be called "amnesty". But see? That's not what happened.

To bring this lofty English lesson down to street would kind of be like Tony Soprano's attorney sending a letter to Christopher (Tony's nephew) explaining to him that, after reviewing the details, it actually would not be illegal for Christopher to go ahead and kill a rival bad guy. Yeah, killing was still illegal. However, because Christopher had received certification from Tony's attorney that it wouldn't be illegal, he shouldn't be held accountable for murder.

You see, that, according to yet another Bush stooge, wouldn't be amnesty....that would be immunity. More precisely, "targeted immunity", which I take to mean, "just the guys we say, go free". In my made-up Sopranos account, of course, "targeted immunity" might take on a whole new meaning, whatever,... the dead person doesn't know the difference so why should we care?

In actuality, immunity means no charges can take root against the immunized party. Ever. Amnesty presumes guilt and a wiping away of the guilt by fiat. That's why the Bush wordsmith, Wainstein, says the laughable stuff he says here.

Paraphrasing: 'Well, it isn't amnesty because nothing illegal has been done to be forgiven or wiped away. We know this because Alberto Gonzales, a man of the highest integrity, certified that nothing had been done illegally. We're granting immunity, which means nothing can ever be brought up, now or in the future, accusing these co-conspirators of wrongdoing. They haven't done anything illegal, but just in case, we're immunizing them from any illegality they didn't do."

That's some logic you can really sink your teeth into. Logic that the likes of Tony Soprano could learn from. Old Tony could have saved himself a lot of trouble if his lawyers would have only used the right words.



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