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"Not There For Political Reasons"

By The Reverend Published: February 28, 2011

Blogger, Ian Murphy, is the guy who punked Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker with the fake-David Koch phone call. A fake-David Koch phone call which lasted 20 minutes. Of all people, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has a good take on the punk call....and here's a transcript of the entire fake-Koch call.

A quick bio of David Koch, the real one....

David Koch is co-owner of Koch Industries. He is a philanthropist and a chief backer of Americans for Prosperity, which helped stage "tea party" rallies in Wisconsin in 2009 and 2010 and on Wednesday (Feb 23) announced it was spending $342,200 on advertising in Wisconsin to persuade residents to back Walker's plan. The ad calls on Wisconsin residents to support the governor in his dealings with public employee unions and his handling of the state's fiscal crisis.

Koch Industries' political action committee was one of the biggest financial supporters of Walker's gubernatorial campaign last fall, giving $43,000 to his political fund.

David Koch also gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association last year, and Koch Industries contributed another $50,000. The RGA spent $65,000 on ads supporting Walker and an additional $3.4 million attacking Mayor Tom Barrett, Walker's Democratic opponent.

Here's a portion of the fake-call for our consideration today...

Murphy: Now you’re not talking to any of these Democrat bastards, are you?

Walker: Ah, I-there’s one guy that’s actually voted with me on a bunch of things I called on Saturday for about 45 minutes, uh, mainly to tell him that while I appreciate his friendship and he’s worked with us on other things, to tell him, well, I wasn’t going to budge.

Murphy: Goddamn right!

Walker: Mainly, because I thought he’s about the only reasonable one over there and I figured if I talked to him, he’d go back to the rest of the gang and say, you know, ‘I’ve known Walker for 20 years, he’s not budging.’

Murphy: Now, what’s his name again?

Walker: His name is Tim Cullen.

Murphy: All right, I’ll have to give that man a call.

Walker: Well, actually, in his case I wouldn’t call him and I’ll tell you why: He’s pretty reasonable but he’s not one of us, um, so I would let him be. I think he is in a position where he can maybe motivate that caucus, but he’s not a, he’s not an ally, he’s just a, he’s just a guy. He was in the Senate years ago. He was actually the Senate (word missing) here back in the ’80s and Tommy Thompson hired him to be the head of Health and Human Services. He went into the private sector, made real money and, uh, became a little more more open-minded.

Murphy: Ha!

Walker: And last fall, he got elected to the Senate seat he was in 25 years ago. He’s kind of one of these guys who, he really doesn’t care, he’s not there for political reasons, he’s just trying to get something done. So he’s good to reach out to for me, but he’s not a, he’s not a conservative. He’s just a pragmatist.

Just for the record, here's Tim Cullen responding to the Walker-fake-Koch phone calll....

"The (governor's) comments are exactly contrary to what he's been saying in public," Cullen said in a phone interview.

"It's pretty clear it is about crushing the union," Cullen said.

Yeah, it's pretty clear.

However, it's this Walker line which really tells the tale of the man who would be king up in Wisconsin...

"....he’s not there for political reasons, he’s just trying to get something done..."

Scott Walker tells the fake-David Koch that Democrat, Tim Cullen is "not one of us". What does "not one of us" mean? According to Walker it means that Democrat Cullen was not in the Wisconsin state senate for "political reasons". Which, then, naturally, means that Scott Walker, unlike Tim Cullen, IS in office "for political reasons."

Tim Cullen is not in the Wisconsin state senate for political Scott Walker is....instead, Cullen is "just trying to get something done." Silly man. Unlike Scott Walker. Scott Walker knows why he is in office, and it's not because he's trying to get something done for the people of Wisconsin...on the contrary.....Walker tells the fake-Koch that Cullen "is not one of us", at least partially because Cullen is "not there for political reasons" Walker is.

Walker most certainly is there for political reasons. As is Kasich in Ohio and others. Those "political reasons" include the dismantling of unions. Unions who provide significant support for the Republican Party's political enemy. The very reason the Koch Brothers contributed so much to elect Scott Walker last fall was for the political-business- purpose of crushing unions....unions which threaten both the Koch Bros. bottom line and Walker's Republican Party.

One of my consistent criticisms of the GOP over the last 20 years has been over this very issue. The Republican Party, opposed to government as they are, puts forth candidates for elections, who, if elected, will use that office "for political reasons" not "to get something done."

So, when you witness the crushing of ACORN, the attempted crushing of Planned Parenthood, or the current and ongoing attempt to crush unions....take note. Republicans are not in office "to get something done" for the people they are supposed to be representing. Republicans are in office for, as Scott Walker so succinctly put it, "political reasons."

Those Republican "political reasons" have been the primary driver of our nation's huge and ever-increasing wealth disparity gap, the virtual disappearance of unionized workers and the outsourcing of millions of good jobs over the last 30 years.



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