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Nothing To Be Taken Seriously

By The Reverend Published: August 7, 2008

In the general election campaign, I mean.

Other than an occasional policy difference being discussed by the two presidential candidates, this summer's general campaign has been nothing if it hasn't been substance free. Substance free, just as the GOP and the Villager Media want it. Majoring in trivialities in order to avoid discussing the serious failures of the last 8 years of a rogue Republican regime, Knee Padders everywhere have focused, instead, on the most moronic and juvenile material yet offered up as "reporting".

I suppose it's fitting for this presidential campaign to have evolved into nothing but a bad theatrical performance. After all, America is known for it's entertainment, even though most of it is poor, mindless and tasteless.

Based on what we've witnessed thus far, I have some observations concerning what we'll witness leading up to November.

The Olympics will give us all a much needed break from the nonsense....any disturbance around the Olympics will be explained as good for Republicans....because, you know, the Republicans have such a strong record of protecting the country. Only two terrorist attacks on America under their guidance.

It is possible that around the time of the Democratic Convention at the end of the month that some GOP staged event will be rolled out to detract from the scene of those 70,000 Americans (not Germans) gathered to hear Obama claim his candidacy. The GOP is good at staging fake events,(Florida 2000, forging documents, Iraq is a threat so we must attack and occupy), so look for something big and phony.

September will usher in the GOP 527 sleaze machine complete with sequels of distraction featuring Wm. Ayers, Rev. Wright, ugly attacks on Michelle Obama and more exciting and meaningless subterfuges. The Knee Padders for the Establishment will spin them over and over for the sake of the hapless militarist maverick.

September will also bring us, I suggest, more voter disenfranchise plans from the GOP. Voter rolls will be culled in key swing states to reduce the big advantage the Democrats have built up in the last couple of years. Voter ID scams will be rampant. It's just what the Republican Party does.

With Rove pulling the strings, not only within McCain's campaign, but also now within the media.....he'll be able to control the narrrative. Funny, how an unindicted co-conspirator in a multiple conviction felony case can still run McCain's campaign and spout off in the media and never be called to answer for any of it.

There has been a renewed focus by the Bush administration, of late, on Afghanistan/Pakistan. I wouldn't be surprised if Zawahiri or even Bin Laden is taken down before the election. October surprise, and all that. All things are political to this group of criminals....there is no virtually ANYTHING is possible.

The GOP badly needs something big to attract the wingnut evangelical voters, to give them a reason to come out and vote. McCain is not religious at all (actually a good thing) but as we've already seen with Hagee and Parsley, and with Joementum Lieberman with Hagee, the 72 year old Arizonan is not above pandering to the anti-science radicals.

It is possible that none of this will happen and that the GOP will simply take their lumps and then step up their game of playing obstructionistic defense in January. However, the GOP machine prides itself on being a bunch of, you know, fighters. Resolute fighters. We've all witnessed over the last 8 years how that translates......the Republican Party can put on a good entertaining (albeit vapid) show. They can't tell the truth, they can't defeat America's enemies, and they can't govern....but with the devoted efforts of the Knee Padders "keeping it real"....they can sure put on a spectacle of emptiness (Mission Accomplished).

It's not what's true that's important, it's only the perception.



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