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NY Times Editorial Echoes The Reverend

By The Reverend Published: October 25, 2007


On October 10, 2007, The Reverend, in a post entitled "Pre-emptive Pardoning" said this....

The Reverend believes that just as President Ford pre-emptively pardoned Nixon in order to keep all Nixon's, and the GOP's, crimes secret…so too, Emperor Decider, far from caring about the telcos welfare, wants to pre-emptively pardon them in order to keep HIS crimes secret.

If telcos are allowed to be charged with crimes, as they should be in a nation of laws, Junior's crimes would be made public as well. This the Emperor can not allow. Thus the veto threat.Link

The NY Times editorial October 20, 2007...

This provision is not primarily about protecting patriotic businessmen, as Mr. Bush claims. It’s about ensuring that Mr. Bush and his aides never have to go to court to explain how many laws they’ve broken. It is a collusion between lawmakers and the White House that means that no one is ever held accountable. Democratic lawmakers said they reviewed the telecommunications companies’ cooperation (by reading documents selected by the White House) and concluded that lawsuits were unwarranted. Unlike them, we still have faith in the judicial system, which is where that sort of conclusion is supposed to be reached, not in a Senate back room polluted by the politics of fear. Link

Easy conclusion to come to...really.



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