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Obama Embracing The Ridiculous

By The Reverend Published: January 6, 2011

After our compromised and corrupt corporate media finished "reporting" on Sister Sarah and Chuck Grassley's political stunts which called end-of-life counseling sessions with your doctor: "death panels" and "pulling the plug on Grandma"....Democrats, at the behest of the White House, removed the provision from the health care reform bill.

Giving an incentive to doctors to include these counseling sessions was a smart way to make end-of-life medical care more efficient, effective and done in a way that honors the wishes of the individual patient. The practice would actually lower costs.

To post-reality politicos and the media which services them, end-of-life counseling was portrayed as something evil.....Nazi-like. Obviously, even to the Palins and Grassleys, portraying such a humane adult practice as evil or "death panel"-like, is ridiculous. But then, that's the age we live in.....the age of the ridiculous. Pretending that the ridiculous is serious when everyone knows full well it isn' the new American political/media paradigm.

Anyway, the Senate Democrats removed the terribly offensive-to-Teanuts-and-Palinistas provision before the health care reform legislation passed. August 14, 2009.....

The theory that encouraging doctors to discuss such sensitive topics would lead to euthanasia of the elderly was among the more inflammatory accusations floated against the health care overhaul in the last week, leading President Obama to complain in New Hampshire this week about “wild’’ misconceptions about the proposals. Among the leading proponents of the “death panels’’ criticism was former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

This is a prime example of Democrats and Obama capitulating to the ridiculous, instead of demonstrating leadership and some willingness to fight for what's right. An intelligent and sound voluntary approach to end-of-life medical situations for Medicare recipients, which would be much more humane and efficient, was quickly jettisoned by passive Democratic leaders because Sister Sarah and a dumbass senator from Iowa....and the Fox-Beck-Limbaugh hate-speech experts.....called the provision silly, childish names.

Not exactly a profile in courage.

However, around November, 2010, Medicare inserted "voluntary advanced planning" provisions into it's rules and regulations governing minimum doctor guidelines for Medicare patients.

Making the humane, intelligent, efficient and correct decision to include voluntary end-of-life counseling to a Medicare patient's basic checkup was just too much for Bipartisan Barack. What would the Sister say? And Glenny? Would Fox continue to say mean, even though ridiculous, things about Bipartisan Barack if he permitted Medicare regulators to include a smart, effective, efficient and humane provision concerning end-of-life discussions with Medicare doctors?

Our newly-baptized Republican president simply couldn't take that big of a risk. Even though Bipartisan Barack knows that criticism of end-of-life counseling is ridiculous...even though those who do the criticizing of end-of-life counseling know that their own criticism is ridiculous, and are only voicing those criticisms because corporate media-whores will cover them if they act ridiculous.....even though all of this is all well known, as it were......President Obama just instructed Medicare to remove the new regulatory provision from it's November, 2010 update of their rules.

The Obama administration, reversing course, will revise a Medicare regulation to delete references to end-of-life planning as part of the annual physical examinations covered under the new health care law, administration officials said Tuesday.

Their excuse for kneeling before Fox and F*cks?

An administration official, authorized by the White House to explain the mix-up, said Tuesday, “We realize that this should have been included in the proposed rule, so more people could have commented on it specifically.”

"so more people could comment on it".......yeah, two years is not long enough.

The truth, of course, is that Obama has been caught up into the new paradigm of ridiculousness. Everyone knows that criticism of end-of-life counseling is not serious criticism. It's conservative, dirtbag, craziness that does not deserve intelligent discussion....even though stenographic media-slugs pretend otherwise.

The larger problem now is that Obama has accepted and joined the new paradigm of ridiculousness. Obama responded to ridiculous, nonsensical taunting from non-serious Baggers and Bullsh*tters, and the "reporters" who service them, doing exactly what those Baggers and Bullsh*tters wanted him to do.

If Obama is that big of a pushover when it comes to end-of-life counseling and Medicare doctors.....quickly caving to the ridiculous.....what do you think he'll do when scrapping, privatizing, or slashing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.... becomes the new ridiculous?



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