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Obama Gives Inch, Miles Now In Jeopardy

By The Reverend Published: November 15, 2013

106,000, 27,000, 11, and 36. 106,000 ACA signups in October, 27,000 of those signups are from the website, 11 is the number of states running their own exchanges that signed people up in October, 36 is the number of states that are not running their own exchanges.

What those numbers distill down to is this: 80% of all ACA signups in October came from states where leaders took responsibility for creating their own state health insurance exchanges. Those 11 states, out of a total of 14 who set up their own exchanges, I'll call the rugged individualist, bootstrapper states. States where leaders refused to be dependent on the work of the federal government. States where leaders took responsibility for the healthcare insurance futures of their citizens and dismissed any lazy, welfare approach which relied exclusively on the efforts of the federal government.

I'll be conservative in my math work let's say that the 14 states who weren't too lazy or too stubborn to set up their own state insurance exchanges represents 30% of the states. Extrapolating, then, if all states would have set up their own health insurance exchanges instead of letting others in the federal government do it for them, it is quite possible that in the first month's signups the number would be over 300,000.

That's the perspective needed to be objective about the ACA exchange rollout. A good portion of the "dysfunction" is to be laid at the feet of "parasite" states too lazy or too unwilling or too spiteful to do their own exchange-building work.

Furthermore, according to my reading, there are approximately 5 million Americans who received sub-par insurance plan cancellation notices from their private insurers. Half of those who received cancellation notices will find equal or better insurance for less money on the ACA exchange. That leaves about 2 1/2 million Americans who may have to pay more for better plans than the ones they had.

There are approximately 8 million poor working people in those 36 lazy states I mentioned who are being denied....right now....access to the ACA's Medicaid expansion program. 8 million. Those 8 million are not having difficulty logging on or filling out online applications or comparing prices for insurance plans. They don't have any choices, or insurance, because welfare-state leaders purposely chose to deny those 8 million access to Medicaid.

Moreover, those 8 million have zero representation in national media. No excited, finger wagging "news" anchor is rushing to interview any of those 8 million. No House Oversight meetings are being scheduled or held to give voice to those 8 million. No orchestrated mass talking points "messaging" effort by Republicans is going on in support of those 8 million. It's as if those 8 million do not exist.

Now let's compare another federal medical insurance program enacted under a GOP president. Medicare Plan D is available to all seniors. Medicare enrollment is approximately 49 million today. Forbes informs that 6% of those who sign up for the Bush-era program, Medicare Plan D, wind up hitting the "donut hole."

Remember the donut hole? The donut hole was a gimmick that punished seniors who consumed many and/or more expensive pharmaceuticals. Today, the donut hole is still screwing, so to speak, some 3 million seniors. Question: do you recall a media shitestorm as intense as we're experiencing over the ACA...over the programmed screwing of 3 million seniors? Do you remember any media-fueled, million-sob-story cries to postpone the screwing of seniors with the donut hole gotcha? Why was that the case, do you think?

Setting aside for a moment the sabotage (or treason) of the ACA before and after it's passage by the political party made up of rugged, hyper-patriotic individuals, setting aside the rollout dysfunction of a GOP medical insurance rollout just a few years ago.....Obama's announced "fix" for the poor 2 1/2 million whose plans are being cancelled by bootstrapping, for-profit-skimmers in the insurance industry is, I think, a rather large mistake. Give an inch to the saboteurs and real soon a couple miles will be missing.

Obama's one year extension of accepting shite insurance plans will only kick the health insurance-problem can down the road. Meanwhile, the year delay will give the saboteurs encouragement that they can further roll the president on the ACA.....the saboteurs goal to repeal the program entirely.

And keep in mind has only been 6 weeks since the exchanges have been open. Compare that to the Medicare Plan D rollout....

The Medicare site, meant to help seniors pick benefit plans, was supposed to debut Oct. 13, 2005, but it didn’t go live until weeks later in November. Even then, "the tool itself appeared to be in need of fixing," the Washington Post reported at the time.

"Visitors to the site could not access it for most of the first two hours. When it finally did come up around 5 p.m., it operated awfully slowly," the Post reported.

Do you recall a huge outcry from Democrats, or the media, calling for a delay in implementation of Plan D because of rollout and website problems? Me either.

In fact, here's what Smokey Joe Barton (R-TX) said of the troubled Plan D rollout.....

"This is a huge undertaking and there are going to be glitches. My goal is the same as yours: Get rid of the glitches."

Yes, the website should be functioning properly. No argument from me on that. At the same time, some.....even a little....perspective is required. The "inch" Obama gave yesterday, because of our double standard political environment, will, I think, soon turn into the loss of a mile. Hope I'm mistaken.



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