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Obama "Hopeful", Calls Tax Deal "Progress"

By The Reverend Published: December 18, 2010

Friday gave us some insight into what the next two years of Obama's presidency will look and....sound like.

As the "change" president handed over the satchel full of money to the GOP ransom-demanders yesterday, he had this to say.....

"This is progress and that's what they sent us here to achieve," Obama said....

"progress"........extending, continuing the destructive tax policies passed by the worst presidential administration in American history, the very same tax policies which helped exacerbate the national debt, the very same tax policies which failed to create one private sector job over 8 what's called "progress" by a Democratic president.

Dressing up a pig.....even a disgustingly dirty and foul-smelling pig....still leaves you with a pig when you are done. But not to Obama.....that pig is "progress."

While telling......Obama's "progress" statement is not the worst thing he said yesterday.

Obama called for maintaining the spirit of cooperation, declaring he was hopeful "that we might refresh the American people's faith in the capability of their leaders to govern in challenging times."

Our Republican "leaders" do not "govern"......they see governing as the problem, not the solution....for anything. Republicans were not governing when they placed loaded guns to the foreheads of 98% of Americans. That isn't governing.....that's extortion. How giving in to demands of extortionists will "refresh...people's faith" in the ability of the federal govern,....I don't know.....seems like an odd way to talk.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the ending of the tense Republican hostage taking demands.....demands bequeathing even more loot on the top 2% than Bush passed.....leads Obama to be "hopeful".....about anything moving forward. But then, his hope is audacious, don't ya' know.

Many Americans have seen this movie before. This is Clinton, the Sequel. Recall that it was during the Democratic presidency of Bill Clinton that welfare was ended as we know it, NAFTA outsourcing began, the Glass Steagall restrictions on banksters was thrown in the trash, and commodities traders were given a blank check to steal with the egregiously-evil Commodities Trading legislation.

All of those "hopeful" compromises with anti-government, anti-American Republicans set the stage for the plundering that took place during W's two terms. There was nothing progressive about any of it, and in the end the country lost an entire decade, making our already shaky economic situation even worse.

Now, in 2010, another Democratic president is "hopeful." A Democratic president is willing to tack on $1 trillion over two years to the debt, including the embarassing insult of the estate tax giveaway and the plundering of the Social Security trust fund.....and call it "progress". He's hopeful that Americans' "faith" in government's ability to govern will be "refreshed" by the "progress."

Gag me with a spoon.

After the midterms, I wrote a post entitled "Turn Out The Lights." Interestingly, the man who popularized that line, Don Meredith (the best ever on ABC Monday Night Football) with his "turn out the lights, the party is over", recently passed away. Meredith would wait until the critical point of a game when the losing team reached a point where they could not win before he hummed, sang or spoke that line.

I am not worthy enough to even have tied Meredith's shoes.......but his saying applied to the midterms, and even moreso now after Obama's pre-emptive caving to Republican rule. While Obama remains "hopeful", daring to call the defusing of a Republican hostage taking situation...."governing"....and "progress".....when all it is is more of the same.....the rest of us should be as astute as Dandy Don, recognizing that the 22 month leadership of President Obama is basically over and all we have to look forward to is endless GOP ransom letters and hostage taking.

There has never been a hopeful constructive progressive party, as it were, going on these last two years. Nothing even close. But whatever it is Obama has been's over. Instead, a new party has been convened. The new party will not "refresh...hope" in Americans. America's new party has been duly announced by Obama. The party will consist of little other than Republican hostage taking and ransom letter America's rogue political party, working with the "hopeful" Obama....strip as much from the have-nots as they can in order to reward their 2% base of "haves."



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