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Obama Is A U.S. Citizen....But

By The Reverend Published: July 25, 2009

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I've been pointing out that conservatives, with their Ever-ready-powered Villager media stenographers in tow, are together reaching critical mass in their oppostion to Obama and the Democrats' attempts to reform health care in America.

Because the facts fly in the face of their complaints about health care reform, conservatives, reflexively, have turned to the only card they know how to play.....distraction. In fact, over the last 6 months, distraction is all conservatives, and their obedient corporate media partners, have worked hard on. I could have said that conservatives and their media partners have had a hard-on over distraction, but I chose not to.

I'm sure some have noticed the distraction being amplified over the Professor Gates arrest issue in the last few days. Besides trying to paint Obama as an angry black man, as they tried with the Reverend Wright issue, the distractors are using the Gates story to replace any serious reporting on, or consideration of, the genuine issue of health reform.

I'll be addressing the Gates story in another blog post.....but for now....the "birther" issue is the main distraction. (Note that the AB Journal gave valuable page A-2 space to this distraction Thursday.)

CNN, (often included in the conservative assertion that the media is oh-so-liberal), has their own distractor-in-chief in the person of Lou Dobbs.

Let's join Lou in progress...

DOBBS: President Obama promised transparency and openness in his administration. Yet, he's chosen not to release his original birth certificate or a copy of it.

DOBBS: I think the president of the United States is a citizen. But what I don't understand is why he hasn't just produced it to get this --this noise (Rev: which Dobbs helps to make) out of the way.

I believe Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, folks. Don't you? But I do have a couple of little questions, like you. Why not just provide a copy of the birth certificate? That's entirely within the president's power.

Can you even believe the smarmy-f*ckerness of ole' Lou? To the immigrant-bashing Lou Dobbs, who "think(s) the president of the U.S. is a citizen", the "controversy" is about "transparency and openness". How disingenuous can a Village assh*le be?

Lou believes Obama is a citizen...."But", has, "a couple of little questions." That means that Dobbs doesn't believe Obama is a citizen, not really. Otherwise, if Dobbs actually believed Obama was a citizen, he wouldn't have those "little questions"....would he?....believing Obama was a citizen would be the end of it.

CNN contributor Roland Martin brings out the WTF paddle and swings it at Lou's ample behind....

ROLAND MARTIN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, first and foremost, he's produced the document he received from the state of Hawaii.

Now, you are saying, where's the original? According to the state of Hawaii, that is the document that establishes where he was born. So, what is the issue?

In-freaking-deed. The "issue" is DISTRACTION. If Obama, as Lou says he believes, is a citizen, then there is no "issue" at all. But how can Lou Dobbs his distracting viewers away from the important health care reform debate, and other important issues....if he can't harp on an "issue" that doesn't really exist?

Roland Martin....I don't know....seems, like, normal....with this comeback....

MARTIN: So, what -- what is the point? I mean, exactly where is the story in this? If he has presented a document, the state of Hawaii has confirmed that -- that he was indeed born there, what's the issue?

Very obviously....there is no story here....and the only "point" distraction.

Then, the "believing" Dobbs, not working for, you know, liberal MSNBC, but for the "most trusted news network", CNN, goes on to prove he doesn't really "believe" Obama is an American citizen at all...

DOBBS: ... do we have a -- could we just put up a copy of that certificate -- certificate of live birth?

What you are looking at there, which I believe is the copy that comes from or Annenberg, there's no reference there to the attending physician. There's no reference there to the hospital in which he was born. It is a certificate that refers to the fact that another certificate exists.

MARTIN: He has produced a document that is satisfactory, but it's not satisfactory to you.

So, Lou, he's not here to satisfy Lou Dobbs. He's the president of the United States. He probably has other things that's on his mind than satisfying Lou Dobbs.

DOBBS: Yes. And does that, then, what, just dismiss the concern?

See?...Lou "believes" that Obama is an American citizen, but he has "concern(s)" that Obama's Hawaiian certificate of live birth isn't on the up and up. Like I said....smarmy-f*ckerness.

What Lou, and his regular wingnut audience, really concern themselves over is a popular Democratic president who intends on passing sweeping changes, including, to our rotted health care system. Conservatives, like Lou, together with their Republican partners, realize that their greatest "concern" is found in the potential of Obama and the Democrats to successfully reform health care in America. That accomplishment would damage the GOP cause for a generation.

That explains the nonsensical distractions we've seen the last 6 months...and that will explain the distractions we'll be seeing for the next 7 1/2 years.



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