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Obama Overwhelmingly Wins South Carolina, Bonus Rant

By The Reverend Published: January 27, 2008

While this morning's pathetic McLatchy piece in the Beacon does its best to wear racism on its sleeve.....the truth about the Democratic South Carolina Primary is that Barack Obama won in a landslide over Hillary Clinton....55%-27%....

Returns from 95 percent of the state's precincts showed Obama winning 55 percent in the three-way race, Clinton gaining 27 percent and Edwards at 18 percent. Source

But once again, here's the larger story as we look toward November.....

Turnout in the Republican primary (last weekend) was about 445,000 across the state Jan. 19, lower than 2000's record-setting primary, when 573,000 South Carolinians voted in the Republican primary.

By contrast, state Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler expects at least 300,000 voters in her party's primary today - an uptick from the 290,000 in 2004. Source

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, more than 532,000 votes had been tabulated in Barack Obama's commanding victory here. The returns easily eclipsed the 280,000 people who voted in the Democratic primary in 2004. Source

It's a broken record indicative of a broken Republican Party. A party in shambles because of the 7 year extremism campaign of Junior/Cheney...the leaders of the GOP.

Last weekend fewer GOP voters turned out than in the 2000 primary in South Carolina. At the same time, almost TWICE as many Democratic primary voters turned out as did in 2004.

This imbalance in the primaries has become a predictable pattern now. Republicans are not enthused with their party or their 2008 candidates. Democrats are.

Short Rant

How is it that in 2008 the media can continue to describe the Democratic primary contest as a contest of black voters against white voters......and have no shame, let alone be accountable for their overt attempt to precipitate division based on race? How the hell is that perfectly acceptable? Our society, and rightly so, won't allow race to be included on job applications, yet, race has become the ONLY criteria focused on for the Democratic primary contest.

Some might say the Knee Padders are only telling the facts. Is that really true? Did you hear or see many accounts, if any, after Obama won whiter than white Iowa by 8 percentage points....accounts like WHITE VOTERS REJECT HILLARY, DIVIDE DEMS, PICK BLACK MAN???

Watch and listen this week as the Knee Pad brigade try to interpret a 28% blowout victory by Obama over Hillary as a race based blip on the screen. The media is doing exactly what I said they would do......trying to create the impression that the Democratic Party is hopelessly split, when it isn't, and that that split is because of racism. It's just the opposite of color-blindness. And it's ridiculous.

The bloated corporate media prefers those in power who will do their bidding. That's the reason why major media always favors conservative-right politics. How can media help a Republican remain in the White House? Doing their kneeling best to avoid heavy criticism of GOP candidates while seeking to divide the Democrats over race, of all things, is one answer. A reigniting of old Bill Clinton arguments is another. Not too many tough Bush administration, unitary executive, pre-emption or torture questions directed at the GOP yet another.

The one story bloated corporate media avoids with a passion, however, is the story of importance coming out of each primary held thus far. It's the story of Democratic voters enthusiam demonstrated in voter turnout numbers that in virtually every case are double what they were four or eight years ago. That's the story mainstream media should be covering from every angle. But they aren't.

Just like the low GOP voter turnout in Republican primaries, the Knee Pad Media have also become predictable.

P.S. "Rain, The Beatles Experience" was, as expected, great. If you grew up with the Beatles, or know and like their music, go and see this show sometime. The Reverend could not recommend it more.....and as you know.....I hate most everything.



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