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Obama Press Conference

By The Reverend Published: April 29, 2008

What's interesting to me, as I watch Obama's press conference to discuss the deep and serious threat to the country Obama's pastor has become,....what's interesting is how intensely the Lapdoggers are scrutinizing every syllable. Repetitive questionings and requestionings, digging deep for every nuance in Barack Obama's answers to their own Rev Wright smear and guilt by association game I would tag 'Operation Pile The F*ck On'.

Go here to see the press conference.

These are the same Knee Pad wearers, who for 7 1/2 years haven't pressed the Criminal in Chief about any of his numerous crimes and even more numerous scandals. None of it. The convicted felon Jack Abramoff, now serving time, had the key to the f*cking Bush White House....he was in and out of there so many times. If the Padders were looking for some good-ole guilt by goddamn association, you know, to get all high investigative minded over, why have they passed up the best material?

No intense questionings about any of Bush's reign of terror. 9-11, Bin Laden, Iraq, Katrina, Valerie Plame, USA firings, propagandizing, numerous obstructions of justice, torture, spying on Americans.....that's a train full right there.....and no intense investigative coverage of any of it, none. All of Bush's crimes and near crimes are like the sun is to a speck of dust compared to (Jesus) what Obama's pastor says.....but there it is. Surgical questions, the likes of which haven't come out of these suck-jobs mouths since Monica.....and all over what a guy Obama knows says and does, a guy Obama has already told Americans about with a more extensive speech on race.

Now Obama has repeated his divergence with Wright's thinking. He has also chastised Wright for making himself the issue in the middle of what Obama is trying to accomplish for the country. But none of this will be good enough. It will always be that he hasn't made himself "clear" in some way. Every word of the press conference will be parsed so often by all the Usual Knee Pad Suspects, it won't even register on the credibility meter. Then the Village will argue about all their own nuanced interpretations of what Obama said.....and then we'll have to go all over it again after a short intermission, you know, just so Obama makes "clear" his relationship with ______________ fill in the blank.

Wright is only the first one. Next up will be Ayers followed by Rezko. All broadcast and cable news related programs, all of puke AM radio, all the major newspapers will perform their authoring and oraling work in identical fashion until November.

It's a broken and unredeemably corrupt system.



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