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Obama's Muted Response To Gaza Crisis

By The Reverend Published: January 15, 2009

About-to-be president, Barack Obama, has had no problem communicating with other governmental leaders and the American people about his intentions in dealing with the collapsed economy. Obama has boldly, and repeatedly, told us how he intends to "jump-start" the economy, as well as "save" or "create" up to 4 million new jobs with a large stimulus package.....all in order to prevent the "second Great Depression."

With the domestic financial crisis, Obama has not deferred to outgoing maniac George W. Bush. Obama hasn't stated, when asked about what he will do with the economic disaster, that "we only have one president at a time." Obama has had no problem, whatsoever, demanding, for example, the remaining $350 billion of TARP funding from Congress, warning he would veto any attempt to stall the money.

However, when it comes to the still ongoing Israeli slaughter of boxed-in Palestinians in the Gaza Strip....Obama becomes a bit...gunshy. Except for this comment early on....

“If somebody was sending rockets into my house, where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that,” he told reporters in Sderot, a small city on the edge of Gaza that has been hit repeatedly by rocket fire. “And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.” Link

Standard issue, even though childish and simplistic, American establishment defense of anything Israeli. I don't buy the kneejerk, stale, bullsh*t attempt at analogy that Obama offered up here.

The following attempt, admittedly imperfect, seeks to explain why Obama's "reasoning" is hollow:

A band of extremely violent narco-traffickers infiltrate northeast Ohio. Ohio law enforcement, in conjunction with federal officials, decide to lock down the region from I-77 eastward, I-70 northward and the Pennsylvania border westward. National Guard troops set up "border checkpoints and crossings", basically prohibiting any civilian movement in or out of the designated "terror-crime zone". This is all done for "state security" reasons.

National Guard helicopter gunships begin rooting out the narco-traffickers by launching extremely destructive attacks throughout the cordoned off region. Completely innocent Ohioans, as you might imagine, are killed and mutilated in the process. Hospitals, schools, churches, and government buildings are hit in Canton, Akron, Cleveland and Youngstown....officials claiming the traffickers are hiding there.

What was originally deemed a necessary, yet temporary, effort, turns into a months-long, then years-long situation. Hundreds of Ohio women and children are slaughtered, along with a few narco-criminals, yet the effort continues. Conditions in northeast Ohio become grim, desperate.

Some Ohioans decide to fight back. They begin launching primitive-weapons outside the condoned-off sector, foolishly hoping to change the ongoing slaughter dynamic. The attacks by Ohio law enforcement and the National Guard only intensify....many more Ohio civilians are killed. National Guard troops slowly begin occupying the region, rolling in tanks and armored vehicles from which they continue to shell densely populated cities. What at first was announced as a temporary and necessary measure becomes the permanent status quo.

The hypothetical Ohio governor-elect then makes a statewide announcement...

"We only have one state governor at a time, so I'll only say this for now....if northeast Ohio residents are launching dangerous attacks into the non-cordoned off zone where my family resides, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that."

Acceptable? Reasonable? You tell me.



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