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Obama's West Point Speech

By The Reverend Published: December 2, 2009

Text of speech here...


Al Qaeda's base of operations was in Afghanistan, where they were harbored by the Taliban

Just days after 9/11, Congress authorized the use of force against al Qaeda and those who harbored them - an authorization that continues to this day.

The Taliban's side of the story back then...

..deputy prime minister Haji Abdul Kabir - the third most powerful figure in the ruling Taliban regime - told reporters that the Taliban would require evidence that Bin Laden was behind the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, but added: "we would be ready to hand him over to a third country".

Original objective and why an escalation is urgent now....

..were acting as one to destroy al Qaeda's terrorist network, and to protect our common security.

Over the last several years, the Taliban has maintained common cause with al Qaeda, as they both seek an overthrow of the Afghan government. Gradually, the Taliban has begun to take control over swaths of Afghanistan, while engaging in increasingly brazen and devastating acts of terrorism against the Pakistani people.

Obama set his goal for Afghanistan earlier this year...

I set a goal that was narrowly defined as disrupting, dismantling, and defeating al Qaeda and its extremist allies, and pledged to better coordinate our military and civilian effort.

I think this is quite a statement....

In Afghanistan, we and our allies prevented the Taliban from stopping a presidential election, and - although it was marred by fraud - that election produced a government that is consistent with Afghanistan's laws and Constitution.

What about the enemy, you know, the one's we first went after...

Al Qaeda has not reemerged in Afghanistan in the same numbers as before 9/11, but they retain their safe-havens along the border

Why Obama must escalate the number of troops in order to lower the number of troops if in fact, "al-Qaeda hasn't reemerged in Afghanistan"...

Our new Commander in Afghanistan - General McChrystal - has reported that the security situation is more serious than he anticipated.

I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. After 18 months, our troops will begin to come home.

If I did not think that the security of the United States and the safety of the American people were at stake in Afghanistan, I would gladly order every single one of our troops home tomorrow.

The people and governments of both Afghanistan and Pakistan are endangered. And the stakes are even higher within a nuclear-armed Pakistan, because we know that al Qaeda and other extremists seek nuclear weapons, and we have every reason to believe that they would use them.
the 30,000 troops are for....

What the extra 30,000 will look to accomplish...

so that they (additional U.S. troops) can target the insurgency and secure key population centers.

will break the Taliban's momentum and increase Afghanistan's capacity over the next 18 months.

The Taliban have a permanent presence in 80% of we're going to send 30,000 more U.S. soldiers to "target" this insurgency which is in 80% of the country, and we're going to do all this in 18 months. Breaking the Taliban's "momentum" and strengthening whatever Aghanistan's "capacity" is, all in 18 months, and then we're gone.

Even after the 18 months-and-get-out plan Obama is promising....

We will continue to advise and assist Afghanistan's Security Forces to ensure that they can succeed over the long haul.

We will support efforts by the Afghan government to open the door to those Taliban who abandon violence and respect the human rights of their fellow citizens.

Long term, deeper, involvement with Pakistan, committment....

Moving forward, we are committed to a partnership with Pakistan that is built on a foundation of mutual interests, mutual respect, and mutual trust. We will strengthen Pakistan's capacity to target those groups that threaten our countries, and have made it clear that we cannot tolerate a safe-haven for terrorists whose location is known, and whose intentions are clear.

...going forward, the Pakistani people must know: America will remain a strong supporter of Pakistan's security and prosperity long after the guns have fallen silent, so that the great potential of its people can be unleashed.

This one is my favorite. Get a load of who Obama doesn't think is a broad-based insurgency....

Unlike Vietnam, we are not facing a broad-based popular insurgency.

You mean this not-broad-based, not popular insurgency....

(The Taliban) has a permanent presence in 80 per cent of Afghanistan, according to the London-based International Council on Security and Development, with its own civilian administration, courts, economy and taxation system in place.

Why such a widespread, you know, not-broad-based, not popular, insurgency?..

"The people following Mullah Omar have one line of thinking: ` We are fighting for our country, we are fighting for our honour, we are fighting for our religion. We see these foreign forces as invaders, and we see the Karzai government as a puppet',"

I can see why this not-broad-based, not popular insurgency won't catch on like the authentic broad-based, popular insurgency of Vietnam, which we were kinda' dumb about. Can't you?

Yes, Obama inherited this situation. But that doesn't make up for him, basically, endorsing McCain, FOX, Bill Kristol neo-conservative thinking. We will continue the Empire's Outreach War Program For Peace, without the slightest recognition of what role America has played in creating the hatred and the violence...which is mostly created because of...wait for it....the Empire's Outreach War Program For Peace.

This was Obama's lowest moment thus far.



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