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Obama To Cut Off Penises

By The Reverend Published: August 26, 2009

I didn't see any provisions in the numerous versions of Congress' health care reform bills which stated that one of President Obama's ultimate health reform goals was to take the penises of all American males.

The most respected and feared leader of movement conservatism today, exposes the ugly and turgidly shocking plan.....

Just because I didn't read anything in any of the provisional health reform bill write-ups, naturally, means very little. I didn't read anything in those bills which mandated killing seniors, either....but as everyone now knows....that's part of Obama's devilish plan too.

I should have anticipated that any legislation mandating federal tax dollars go to pay for abortions, sex-change operations, and killing grandma......would also include mandatory emasculation for all males. I don't know how I let this obvious conclusion go by without my recognizing it. I apologize for the mistake.

How could President Obama think that Americans would be duped so easily? I mean......killing grandma, yeah.....mandatory abortion for all, yeah, tax dollars only to be used for sex-change operations, well, duh......but male emasculation? As wicked and evil as President Obama is....I didn't see that one coming.

But not to worry, because a nation full of intelligent, informed and unbiased conservative voters is not so quickly deceived into accepting provisions which would remove their penises. I know this because those same voters were never fooled by the Patriotic Warrior Leaders Bush and Cheney, who repeatedly told us "America doesn't torture." Those intelligent, engaged and calmly deliberative voters knew America had been torturing prisoners and they rejoiced in the knowing....still do.

So, based on the shrewd insight and johnny-on-the-spotness, of highly informed, conservative Patriotic Protectors of Truth and Goodness, I'm sure that Obama's penis removal provision will be exposed for the evil that it is.

Furthermore, with the 4th estate acting so responsibly, as witnessed in their flawless, balanced and highly informative coverage of Obama's evil health reform agenda.....tell you really believe that someone as astute as Chuck Todd will keep the secret penis removal provision....umm...under wraps?

Even a liberal, like myself, is flabbergasted that our new president would try to slip in, with just enough deceptive Democratic Congressional lubrication, you understand, a universal and mandatory penis removal program for all American males.

Liberals, as most every truly patriotic defender of our great Christian nation knows, have only one ultimate goal for America. Destroy it. It's the very essence of liberalism.....destroy stuff. Don't ever be fooled by the so-called great social programs put in place, to the great benefit of all Americans, by liberals throughout our history. The only reason that liberals worked so hard to pass all those so-called great programs was in order to arrive at the presidential reign of a non-American citizen whose birth certificate announcement was planted by penis-removers-to-be some 47 years ago in the exotic state of Hawaii.

Yes, liberals are evil and hate America.....and gleefully await the time when removing the penises of all American males will become mandatory law......yes.....but liberals are also patient. That's why the Limbaugh news is so surprising. Liberals know that Rome wasn't destroyed and dismantled in just one day. True anarchy, true nation destruction takes time.....George and The Dick can testify to that.

Sadly, I must admit to my own liberal short-comings on this now-confirmed, penis removal program. Abortions for all and pre-emptive abortions for those who are not pregnant yet, sex change operations paid for with elementary school textbook money, universal health care coverage for ONLY undocumented immigrants, and a mandatory $400 quadrillion, trillion, zillion surprises in any of that.....but the penis removal program? I confess.....I simply couldn't anticipate Obama having such a hard-on over male emasculation.

Must be my ED problem....electoral dysfunction.



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