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Obama Wins Easily, Dems Hold Senate

By The Reverend Published: November 7, 2012

Later today, the final electoral college vote count will be announced as: Obama 332, Romney 206. Florida had Obama leading at 5AM by 45,000 votes and I expect the state to be called for the president before noon today. The only popular vote spread I could find was here.....which had Obama up approximately one and a half million votes. Obama, 56,307,000.....Romney 54,827,000.

Last night, Obama lost Indiana and North Carolina from his 2008 victory list....yet easily won re-election. As advertised, Ohio was last night's pivotal state. When Ohio was called for Obama around 11PM, the contest was over.

The Senate stays in Democratic hands. I have it at 53 Democrats, 2 Independents, and 45 Republicans with the two Independents caucusing with the Democrats. My count includes a Jon Tester win in still-undecided Montana, and Heidi Heitkamp win in North Dakota, both Democrats....both unannounced this morning, yet inevitable.

The House stays in the hands of Republicans. The count right now is Republicans 232, Democrats 191.....which virtually guarantees a minimum of 2 more years of gridlock, maybe 4 more years.

Special favorites from last night.....Republican Allen West, yeah, you know who he is....LOST his House race down in Florida and Democrat, Alan Grayson won his. Those two are especially sweet to this blogger. A big letdown for me is the Betty Sutton loss to Tea Party candidate Jim Renacci. Can't win 'em all.

Consumers of political news should take a lesson from last night's results. First, never dismiss the predictions of Nate Silver, NY Times political statistician. Again this cycle, Silver's predictions were right on the money. Second, conservative media pundits should no longer be given the time of day by Americans who want accuracy and truth in news. While George Will, Peggy Noonan, Karl Rove and a cast of characters to be named later.....were assuring viewers of a Romney win.....Nate Silver was coming within an eyelash of perfection with his eerily-accurate predictions.

I'll try to update results later today as I learn more.



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